Friday, July 31, 2009

Red has another boo boo

I went out to check on Red. His bites look crusted over and better - not oozing or anything like that. Checked him over and I be doggone - he has a fresh tear on his right jaw. Good grief what is he doing?

I saw that the little roan gelding from the back pastures was next to him in the mare's former paddock. He was gelded recently so I don't know if it was him who took a few bites out of Red but this new cut could have been from anything. Didn't look like a bite. Sigh.

I combed his mane and noticed he was sweating under his mane, around his ears, at the top of his neck and his chest was damp. He was under the over hang when I got there so I know he wasn't out in the sun.

Barry got him his alfalfa and I had given him two handfuls. This new bale is really full of stalks but he still liked it. I hugged up my baby and we left.


Heather said...

Is he getting into horseplay over the fence?

Denise said...

I guess so Heather. He had another scrape this morning!

Heather said...

We have two at the barn that do that. Finally they had to be separated by a field.