Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Biscuit has new tack!!

I took Biscuit's new bridle out to the barn and put his bit in it and tried it on him.  I thought it looked fantastic!!!  I went to Sam's Western Store today and bought more leather conditioner and really soaked the bridle.  I took all of it apart so that even under the buckles would be conditioned and not stiff as a board!!!  While I was at Sam's, I bought Biscuit a bucket of treats and had Charles reshape my straw hat.  It looks better.  I think I looked like a total geek before I had it reshaped.  I probably still look like a geek but maybe a little less of one!!

While out at the barn I worked on Biscuit's frog on his front left hoof.  I was sweating like a tush hog as Barry used to say.  LeAnn and I decided tomorrow morning would be a better time to do feet!!!  I did take the Clorox and soaked a little ball of cotton in it.  I tore off tiny pieces and pushed it in his frog.  I am going to get rid of the thrush one way or the other.

LeAnn wormed Biscuit for me - we are on the 5 day Panacar treatment.  He didn't do any better than yesterday but we got it in his mouth.  She went down the road with me to give it to Sarge.  OMG was he ever a pill today.  He was ok yesterday but I think his thought bubble was reading "I did this yesterday and I am NOT doing it again Sister!".  He reared up and acted like a butt.  She finally twitched his shoulder with her hand and I squished it in.  He was NOT a happy camper and was pouting again with his head down.

Barry and I went out there later and I gave him a treat in his bucket and he was all up in my Kool Aide for more....Biscuit doesn't get pushy with treats but Sarge is like a 3 year old little boy with gummy worms!!  We gave them some alfalfa.  

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