Monday, July 25, 2011

Riding new paths and ride aways

Through the Rideaways  at EveryTrail
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Got up to ride this morning and I think I left part of my brain at the house.  I hauled out early - went down to Market Basket to get batteries for my Garmin and discovered I hadn't brought my wallet.  What an idiot.  Oh well, onward to the barn...til I looked at my feet with sandals on...Ok...I think I need my Justin Gypsy's to ride in.  I had to haul back to the house to get my wallet, steal batteries out of a remote and get my boots!!

Onward to the barn...FINALLY.  I hauled down and picked up Biscuit and unloaded him at the washrack so he could eat.  I sprayed him with fly spray and we loaded up and off we went.  Rogue is pretty good about getting in the trailer considering he rarely uses a ramp!!! 

I was tacking Biscuit up and he started that buckling of his knees again.  I walked him around to make sure his saddle wasn't too tight - it isn't and tried to pick up his hoof again - more buckling.  What a pill!  I popped his chest and told him to straighten up.  He stopped that foolishness right then!! 

We started out to the right and went down to the last ride away and took a left.  I have never gone down that ride away.  It is much more narrow than the other and more shaded.  Lots of trees down and a few hog wallows.  We went down to the trail and turned right and rode around to the 1st ride away (from the barn!) and turned right, went down and turned left and rode the trail til we came to the little funky overgrown trail that goes to the right.  We went down it - it was pretty over grown and we came out on Babe Zaharias Drive and went to the left til there was a cut in back to the trails.  We went to the right and around the trail back towards the stables.  We kept going and got towards the back and we started jogging.  Biscuit did an AMAZING job of holding his speed for the most part as we navigated the pot holes and some tree limbs.  Twice I dropped my glasses and had to get off.  LOL  the second time I had a REALLY hard time getting back on.  Biscuit kept walking off - he was covered in mosquitoes.  He got seriously pulled up and fussed at.  I  was having a hard time lifting my foot up high enough to get on because my pants were sticking to my legs because of sweat.  I should have taken a video - I bet I looked LIKE AN IDIOT.  I stood on a little stump that started disintegrating to get on!!

Biscuit and Rogue in the Brenderup

Look at all of those logs down!!!

Look at that ride away!!!

Hog Wallow
Twice I felt my hand jerk my necklace when I reached up to take my hat off to make sure I didn't have a spider.  When I got back to the trailer OMG my diamond cross necklace was dangling on my saddle.  Thank you JESUS for saving my necklace that I have had for 29 years.  The clasp is broken so I will take it to be repaired and NEVER wear it on a ride again.  I do have a cross on my saddle so that will do!!! 

I rinsed Biscuit off  and we hauled back to the ranch.  We rode 4.8 miles today. 

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