Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bushwhacking through Tyrrell Park with The Biscuit

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Beautiful little mushrooms right where we parked our trailer!

The LeAnne's, Rogue and Legato

LeAnn and Legato on overgrown road on the bushwhacking ride

Legato and LeAnn

LeAnn the super bushwhacker making a path over a rice paddy dyke

You go girl!!  Making sure there is not really a fence there!

Ok....I can make a path here!!!

The county landfill is in the background

Self Portrait

Julia and Shalom at the barn when we got back

Allison and Avery the Thoroughbred
The LeAnne's and I met at the barn this morning at 7:00 AM and loaded up.  Biscuit was tacked up in his new headstall.  He stood as still as a statue when I mounted.  We headed out through the woods.  I had to laugh at Biscuit - he startled at a crack in the ground!!  He looked at it and moved quickly away like it was going to eat him. 

We went out of the woods and out onto the bayou.  We went down to the bridge and LeAnn P was a brave girl.  She rode Legato across - Biscuit was leading and spooked at something in the middle of the bridge but it was an in place spook that he sometimes does.  We went down the track and decided to go down the ride away by the land bridge.  I thought it was the one I had been down before but it wasn't.  We got down to where the county landfill is and turned right down a gravel road.  We went a little ways and then the road was majorly overgrown but we kept going.  It was barely discernible and Biscuit was going through saddle high brush.  He did a fantastic job.  We came to a turn around and the overgrown road disappeared.  We went through the brush anyway...we were in an old overgrown rice paddy.  I ask Biscuit to go over a little dyke and he put his feet up on the top and backed off.  We went down a ways and I asked him to go over the dyke and he gladly went over.  We were going slow because we couldn't see squat doodly!!  We came to another dyke and it was on a tree line and we couldn't tell if there was a fence in it or not.  I went to the right and down to where the dyke came to a 90 degree angle and we were looking at the overgrowth of the dyke and LeAnn P got off of Legato and determined there was no fence.  She bushwhacked through it while I held Legato.  I asked Biscuit to cross it and he wasn't going for it so I straightened him up and asked again and still he refused.  I think his thought bubble said "she bushwacked it so she has to go first!!!"  He easily followed Legato.  We kept going til we hit the other power line ride away and we went to the left down to where it cuts back to Willow Bayou.  Wow wee...we had a great ride.

We went down Willow Bayou back towards the tall bridge.  Lots of banana spiders - ugh.  We saw a baby armadillo!!  The horses spooked in place when something large jumped out of the water and then splashed back in and made a huge noise.  Biscuit did a great job - not trying to speed up.  He kept his pace like a good boy.  We stopped and had a drink at the bridge and let the horses munch on the Bermuda Grass.  We went back across with LeAnn riding!!!  Biscuit spooked again at something but it was just a little spook.  We got almost to the trees and we started jogging and I was collecting Biscuit up and put him behind Legato.  He was going sideways but later LeAnn said I had my forearms stiff at times and I think the new tack will take some getting used to.  The other reins have more give to them.  We started out jogging again in the woods and I dropped my Brighton Sunglasses making sure I didn't have a spider on my hat.  Biscuit stepped on them and pressed them into the mud.  It bent one of the arms of it.  Bummer.  I had to get off twice while riding and it wasn't a very pretty or graceful mount.  Poor old Biscuit just stands there patiently. 

We got back to the trailer and he was happy to drink a bucket of water that Lee Ann B held for him...geez he is spoiled to that!!  We hauled them back to the barn and I washed him off - he was nasty!  I had to scrub his boots - they were caked with rocks and mud.  I turned him out and will go back later and pull him up because Woot!!!  we are going again tomorrow!!!

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