Monday, July 11, 2011

My New Bridle and Stirrups Arrived!!!!

I ordered Biscuit a new bridle to match his saddle and they also sent stamped stirrups that I had originally ordered.  They arrived today and they are GORGEOUS!!  The bridle has a caveson but I may remove that as Western Bridles rarely have cavesons attached to the bridle itself. 

New Headstall, reins and stirrups

close up of reins

Close Ups

Isn't the hardward pretty?

These stirrups are Gorgeous!!!
I like the stamped tooling on it and the reins are pretty too.  Lots of nice concho's that match my saddle!  The stirrups are endurance stirrups but I really like them.  They are more like my crooked stirrups but are covered with leather and are padded on the bottom.  I can't wait to try the bridle on Biscuit tomorrow.  I did condition the leather and will probably have to keep conditioning it til it is soft and supple.  It will be hard to give up my braided reins.  I LOVE them - and I love the feel of them.  But, matching stuff is nice too!!! 

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