Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wednesday was trimming the hooves day

I went out to the barn yesterday around 11:00 and brought up Biscuit and put him on the washrack.  Allison had Jabaree in the arena working with him.  He is such a pretty boy!  He is full of spirit and is going to make a fabulous horse one day.

I got around to The Biscuit on the wash rack.  He pooped on it several times - oh yay, cleaning up poo is the pits.  I got out my farrier tools and picked up his back feet first and trimmed them with the nippers and I used the knife on the frogs.  I was able to rasp with them with the big side.  I get better and better each time - especially with Terry's (DS Farrier Supply Man!) advice.  I got a little closer to getting rid of the spot on his back left hoof.  I was able to bring those heels down just a little bit and I did rasp the fronts a little.  Each time helps.  Biscuit was pretty darn good about it - not perfect but getting better.

Barry went with me in the late afternoon to worm them.  Biscuit was better than Sarge.  Barry had to pop him on the ankles with the lead rope.  Sarge wasn't too happy about being wormed again!

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