Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jogging with Biscuit 3

I pulled Biscuit up onto the wash rack and Sadda was also up there.  I think Sadda made poor old Biscuit nervous - he pooped twice poor guy!

I tacked Biscuit up and took him into the arena.  I mounted and I was so proud of him!  He generally will take off in the arena when I mount but he stood there and kept standing there until I gave him the cue to move off.  Good Boy!!!  I walked him around a little and then put him in a jog and he did great until I asked Allison to record it on my Flip Camera!!!  LeAnn B and Allison gave me pointers and tips on my riding which I need.  Biscuit gave me some flack in the corner of the arena near the half gates.  I made him go where he needed to go and kept riding him until he was getting it right.  He did better in the arena than he ever has before...much more relaxed where he used to be like a wind up toy. 

LeAnn and I redid his rigging and I took him back in the arena and got back on and YES, it does make a difference in the amount of leather under my right leg!  I took his bridle off and he had hissys like he has been recently.  I did as LeAnn suggested and put it on and took it off numerous times until he quit throwing up his head!!  He finally quit being a jerk about it. 

I am hoping to ride him in the arena 2 times a week to work on his skills.  I did get him to side pass very nicely to the right.  He is a good Biscuit!!

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