Monday, July 4, 2011

Short 4th of July Ride through the woods

Round the Woods at Tyrrell at EveryTrail
EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in Texas

Round the Woods at Tyrrell

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in Texas

Sue and I planned a ride in Tyrrell for this morning.  I started out and loaded Biscuit.  Sue called me when I was almost to Tyrrell and was having trouble loading Sababba.  I went ahead and went over to her house.  Sababba gave me a litle flack but with a pop on the butt a few times she hopped right in like a happy camper.

Sue and I hauled to the park and saddled up.  We started out and Biscuit was stumbling around like he was spooking and I told him to settle down.  We got into the woods and he stumbled again and I looked down and he had pulled his boot off and it was around his ankle!  I got off and put it back on and thank God was able to get back on.  We rode around the woods and Biscuit was leading like a good boy.  He seemed a little nervous at first but then settled down and just went along.  We got to the red pan that freaked Sababba out a long time ago and I warned Sue that it was there.  Sababba quickened her step but that was it.  We got to the stables and turned around and went back as the ride looks different going from the other direction!  We got to a ride away and Biscuit all of a sudden, perked up his ears and as WATCHING!  LOL  He heard voices and two ladies appeared on horses.  We introduced ourselves and one of them is stabling at Tyrrell with Kenny.  We went on and her horse was a little excited but seemed ok.  We went around and later met them on the other side again!  LOL  Her horse didn't seem to be as startled this time which was good. 

We got back to the stables.  I was showing Sue my saddle and she came and got on Biscuit to check out the Allegany saddle.  She liked it and it is kinda last name is on the tree on both sides "TALBOT" and of course, my hoof pick pocket has my initials.  I told her a little about it - that it had been custom made for Biscuit.  Kenny and Tracey drove up and we visited with them. 

Sababba gave her a little poop about getting in but I got the buggy whip and gave her a little pop and she got in!  Kenny said take her out and do it again.  Sue was trying to get her in but she is not serious using the whip so Sababba ignores it.  We told her to get serious and so she did and Sababba got in.  It is just going to take a while.  Training issues do.  There are often no quick fixes.

I talked to Kenny about the age of Biscuit and Tracey agrees that when they got Biscuit in 06 that he obviously was a very young horse and not even full grown. - If he'd have been 7 he would have been full grown.  I said that the only horse Mr. Root bred was foaled in 01 but that doesn't mean that Mr. Root didn't buy a horse that was already bred and foaled with someone else having actually bred her.  I am thinking that has to be it.  Anywhoo, teeth don't lie.  I am going to have Doc look at his teeth next time I take the boys in.

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