Monday, July 18, 2011

Short Ride on a Monday Morning

 Short Ride on Monday at EveryTrail
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I got out to the barn around 7:00 and Julia was there but wasn't going to ride so I left my rig at the barn and we got in the 3 horse slant and headed for the park.  We tacked up and I set my Garmin to mark the trail.  We went to the left instead of the right in the woods.  I don't want Biscuit to think he can only go one way.  We got around to where the tree is down across the trail with the deadly daggers sticking out of it and LeAnn P got off and sawed the offending limbs off!!!
       LeAnn clearing a trail with Lee Ann's awesome new saw!

We rode through the woods and out onto the bayou.  We walked down until we got on unrutted ground and we started jogging and my water bottle was hitting me in the leg so we stopped for me to move it.  The horses were eating grass and when I pulled up Biscuit's head to take off his right rein had come unclasped from his bit!  I don't know how that happened but I got off and took the snaps off and threaded the rein through the bit and buckled it on.  I remounted with some trouble but was able to get my backside back into the saddle!!!  We started trotting down the bayou to where the retaining ponds are at.  We went down the gravel road at a trot until I finally had to quit - the posting was causing my left leg to cramp up!!  We went into the woods and turned back to the left to go all the way around the woods.  We started jogging and jogged half way around the park and Biscuit did a much better job on the jog today and I think it was because the reins were swiveling and yanking around with the snaps on them.  He is doing fantastic and I was so proud of him.  We only rode for an hour and a half and went 3.9 miles. 

We went back to the ranch and cleaned out the trailer and got the horses to do hooves.  We helped Phil and Forrest with Masterpiece's hooves.  He had some serious issues that just a little trimming helped!! 

Masterpiece is a gorgeous silver Arabian stallion.  He doesn't really have any fleabite/flyspeck marks on him...just a gorgeous silver color with white stocking and a white blaze.  OMG if his mane was either black or white it would be amazing but all in all, he is a pretty pretty boy and very well behaved.  He is always a pleasure to see and to give a pat to.

Masterpiece is a little scared of the rolling seat!

Chipping at the quarters front left hoof

Don't they look better?

Back left hoof, chipping and rolling of the toe

What a difference!

Back right hoof before trimming
Back right hoof after the trim

Back left during trim



Before left front

Before Left Hoof
When I got to Biscuit he was a total pill about having his feet done today.  Probably because since 7:00 AM he had either been under saddle or tied up waiting to have his feet done.  He got in some trouble for it and I got most of it done but it was a chore today!!  I am working on bringing down his heels on his front hooves.  I will work on them again next Monday.  A little at a time is what it takes.

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