Sunday, July 3, 2011

Trimming Sababba & getting her to load!!!

I went to Sue's today to trim Sababba's hooves.  They were really long so I got my farrier equipment and borrowed the hoof stand from the Ranch (with LeAnn's permission, bless her!) and took off to Sue's.  We pulled Sababba up on the concrete and I nipped off the long toes and rasped them some.  They need more work but it was a start and I think I did ok!! 

After that, we worked on getting Sababba in the trailer.  Sue has been trying to load her in the trailer not hooked to the truck.  I got Sababba in but she came out fast.  I told Sue that she doesn't like the noise it makes when it isn't attached to the truck.  It sounds tinny and really isn't a safe thing to do even though I am pretty sure that trailer was just fine and not going to tip over!  She came out fast though like in a panic so I think she IS scared of it when it isn't hoooked.  Sue hooked her truck up and I loaded Sababba again.  No problem really.   I was just firm with her and she got right up in there.  She came out with Sue though and not panicked.  Like a good girl.  I told Sue to stand beside her with pressure pulling forward on the halter and that puts pressure on her poll and she will go forward.  Bless her heart...Sue was able to load her at least 6 times!  It was fantastic!  Sue was so excited as she hasn't been able to haul Sababba without someone coming to help her.  We are riding tomorrow at Tyrrell and I told her to call me if she can't get Sababba in the trailer.  I think she will go though if Sue follows through with being firm.  Sababba is a very good horse and trained out the wazootie.  We hugged her up and praised her and gave her treats.  Good girl!!!

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