Sunday, July 3, 2011

Biscuit is a trail blazer!!!!

Biscuit is a trail blazer

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Kellie and I met out at Tyrrell this morning at 7:30 AM.  I had to readjust my stirrups and then we took off.  I took my crop for the first time with Biscuit.  I gave him a few little taps to get him going and he did ok.

We rode through the woods and out onto Willow Bayou.  We rode down the bayou and past where the gravel road would come in.  We kept going for a short while and then turned back.  OMG what a difference.  There was a cool breeze blowing and it felt so much better.  We went into the woods and we were having to get after spider webs.  I tried to move Biscuit forward a few times and he gave me the same baloney he always does.  I wanted to clear out a spider web and he started backing up when I kicked him forward.  I kept kicking and he backed up all the way to Elan and I thought he was going to go off into the big crater in the middle where it is severely rutted.  I kept kicking and lo and behold, he went forward.  I think my knees have been in such bad shape I couldn't kick hard at all and he was totally disregarding it!  Biscuit led the way the rest of the trail ride.  OMG that is amazing as I have not been able to get this horse to walk off from other horses or even move before they did!  I was thrilled.

Kellie and I went around the woods and out by the pavilion so she could go to the Rest Rooms.  She was cantering along that smooth area inside the road.  I kicked Biscuit up into a canter and he did it so smooth and easy.  Good boy!!!  Kellie said "turn loose of the horn" and sometimes I do and sometimes I don't!!!!

We went back into the woods and around again, passing up the stables and around to the first ride away and we chose to stay on the trails.  We went all around and up to the ride away closest to the stable.  We trotted down the ride away with me making Biscuit collect up and jog.  It was a chore to keep him going right but he is getting it!  We turned into the woods and Kellie had lost her crop!  She said she'd get another one and that is when I noticed I'd lost mine too!  We went half way back down before I spotted Kellie's.  I was actually able to make Biscuit keep going.  He kept wanting to turn around and was weaving but I kept him moving and I finally found mine back almost to where we came out of the woods at the start of the ride away!  I got off and got the crop and prayed Biscuit would stand still as he could see Elan way down the track.  He did and I was able to mount with my stiff legs - it wasn't pretty but my big butt got on!!!  Woo Hoo and Biscuit was a good boy about  it too!!!  We got back to the trailers and we let them graze a little before loading them up and heading home.  We rode 6.8 miles today.  Because we had on our cool vests we never really got hot.  Thank God because it is hot and humid.

Biscuit and Denise enjoying a morning ride

Kellie and His Highness ElanA

We are going to go riding again in the morning....what a way to spend The Forth of July!  Happy Birthday USA!!!!

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