Sunday, July 10, 2011

Team Penning at Ray's

Ray had a team penning practice at his house.  I had asked Barry if he wanted to go when I got back from riding and he said no.  I went and took a nap - well, was really just resting and at 5:00 he came in the room and said "how long does it take to get to Ray's?"  LOL  I got up, dressed and was out the door driving the Rav4.  We went to the barn and loaded up the horses.  The Brenderup hauls better with both horses in it.  We pulled into Ray's about 6:20 PM.  Sarge was so excited to hear cows.  I walked Biscuit around and let him graze and then saddled him.  Barry got in the arena 3 times and I videoed it.  I am too big of a sissy to team pen with that many people...maybe later if it is just a few folks!  Biscuit was my lawn chair and was pretty good for the most part.  I met some very nice people and enjoyed myself.  We left at 10:12 PM and we still hadn't ate dinner so we ate at Sonic.  We got to the barn at 11:30 PM to drop off the boys and I put Biscuit in the arena as I was going to trail ride in the morning. 

My leg was hurting pretty badly when I got home and I wasn't sure if I would ride.  It was after midnight when I went to bed and I had only got 6 hours sleep the night before.   When I got up I decided it was not in my best interest to ride so I called and left LeAnn P a message.  By then they were at the barn and Biscuit was having a fit because they were feeding their horses.  She took pity on him and fed him before he had a nervous breakdown!!!

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