Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's A Red Letter Day for Susan and Sababba

Red Letter Day for Susan!!!

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Kellie, Susan and I were going riding Saturday morning in Tyrrell Park.  I got up and pulled out at 6:30 AM.  I realized when I got to the barn I had left my Cool Vest.  I called Sue to see if she needed help getting Sababba in the trailer as I had left my Cool Vest and was returning home to get it.  I told her to pop Sababba on the butt with her whip and tell her firmly to GET IN THE TRAILER.

I called her back after I picked up the vest and she said "Do you want me to open the back gate or the front gate?"  I said "Did you get that horse in the trailer, Sue?" and she said yes she had!!!  I was so proud of her!  We got to the park and met Kellie.  I saw a big streak of lightening behind her right after we saddled up.  Sigh.  She looked up the radar on the phone and it was passing over.  She put Elan in the trailer and I covered Biscuit's saddle with my extra saddle pad.  It just rained a little and passed over.  We hopped on and took off around the woods.  We had a very nice ride.  We rode out like last week on the bayou for awhile and around the woods, to the rest room and back into the woods and back around.  We rode 5.5 miles. 

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