Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cantering in the woods with The Biscuit

Canter in the Woods!!

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I went riding this morning with The LeAnn's in Tyrrell Park.  I was late getting there - and bless their hearts they waited for me to drag up The Biscuit, he scarffed down his feed while Lee Ann B held his bucket (he is in love with her) and I threw his tack in the trailer.  He was loaded up and away we went. 

We parked by the bathrooms and tacked the horses up.  Biscuit didn't give me any flack like he did last week which was good.  He didn't mind when I sprayed him with OFF! which was a good thing.  We went in the woods and around to the right.  We went along nicely, stopping once to put OFF! on Legato.  We went out on the bayou and down towards the bridge.  We jogged a little of the way going.  We crossed the bridge and went straight past the land bridge.  Biscuit was going side ways and acting so nervous.  He pooped a big pile of nervous poo...watery.  We got past the water area and he lightened up.  All of the horses seemed nervous.  We went down a ways and then started a jog.  Biscuit held his pace very well.  We got down to the bayou and it was a little warm out in the open.  We went through the top side trail entrance to go down the side of Hildebrandt Bayou.  We were going somewhat slow as there were spiders across the trails and I was whapping them down. 

We crossed over the little cement bridge and around where Kellie and I saw pigs last week.  We started jogging and Biscuit was going sideways again.  That is too hard!!!  We came up to the front and were going to canter a short way when we heard voices.  It was Allison and a colleague from work riding grey horses!!!  We chatted with them for a few minutes and moved on.  We crossed the bridge and were going to canter but Biscuit just trotted fast.  Sigh.....LeAnn said if he went from that trot into a canter it would have been way too fast.  He can't canter slow yet and she said it takes time to learn that control.  We got into the woods and had to stop for a downed tree.  Lee Anne B. got her trusty fold up saw and went to work on it off of Rogue's back.  LeAnn P got down to assist her and I was holding Legato who decided my knee was an excellent rubbing post.  LOL  I didn't mind, slobber and all, until her snaffle bit dug into my knee cap.  LOL  I pushed her back and her she comes again.  LeAnn said don't let her do that to you!  So Princess Legato got a pop on the nose with my quirt.  Darn...she tried again, another little pop on the nose.  I told her she could rub her nose on me but not gouge the knee with the bit!  She is the prettiest little thing...her face is simply to die her eyelashes and her sassy attitude. 

We took off again and got up a ways and we decided to jog.  I gave Biscuit the cue and decided to see if I could kick him into a canter and he did!  Fast canter but a canter...away we went and a few times he slowed and I kicked him up again until I realized the girls weren't behind me.  I stopped and they yelled "are you all right" and LeAnn said she didn't want to run Legato up Biscuits backside if he were running off with me.  LOL  I should have warned them but it was a spur of the moment thing.  They said I looked relaxed but I did hold the horn because I am a sissy. 

Tomorrow we are going to ride in the woods and I am going to work on the canter.  Practice will make perfect for me and for Biscuit. 

We went down the little overgrown trail...whapping spiders and one was crawling up Biscuit's leg and he was stomping.  LeAnn said hold up while she made sure it was gone.  One spider caught him right in the face and I quickly made sure it was brushed off!!!  We got to the trailer and we rode 8.7 miles today.  It was a blast.  The mosquitoes weren't bad at all thank God.  We got back to the ranch and I cleaned Biscuit up and took him on the Gater back to his paddock.  The tack was left in the trailer for tomorrows ride.  I had such a good time is always a good day with my peeps and their horses!

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