Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Side Passing on The Biscuit

Today I went and ate at Chick-Fil-A - supporting my right to free speech in the good old USA - and then headed for the barn.  Biscuit saw me when I got down to the pasture and he started running around momentarily.  I walked up and put his halter on - he is very good about me catching him.  We went up to the barn and I put him on the tack rack.  Lee Ann and I talked about trails and making new trails.  Later I tacked him up.  We rode round and round in the arena.  He was pretty good today...some fussing and throwing his head but not much.  He still wanted to speed up going around corners but he was ok.  We did lots of backing up and I was working on getting him to back up without putting much pressure on his bit.  He got better each time I asked him to back. 

I then asked him to side pass to the right.  I did get some resistance but he actually went right.  Some forward motion, some going back, a pop on the shoulder sent him forward..some going to the side with his neck curved  but he did it !!!  We did it three more times ACROSS the arena.  A few more times just a step or two.  Big pats on the shoulder and lots of attaboys.  Good Biscuit. 

I was asking him to back up and wow wee, the right rein came off of the rein. has the little scissor type latch so I was really surprised that it came off!!!  I dismounted and secured it.  I tried to put my foot in the stirrup  ahahahahahahahahahahah that didn't work.  What a water buffalo.  I went to open the gate to the big arena so Legato could come in and Biscuit just followed me from the middle of the arena like a dog.  He was such a good boy today.  Not perfect but I was pleased with his work today.

I took his tack off and rinsed him off.  He was sweaty but not dripping.  I hosed him til he was cool and scraped him off.  I took him down to the paddock and he wanted to rub his head on me.  He always wants to do that and I never let him.  I think it was his way of being affectionate but it is bad manners.  I did let him a little today.  What a guy - he is Mr. Ed, Silver, Trigger and Frances the Mule all rolled into one...Biscuit is the bomb dot com.

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