Monday, October 1, 2012

Dog, Frog, Hogs and an Alligator


I went riding today with the Lee Ann's.  We hauled out and saddled up.  I mounted up and Biscuit was going sideways and acting like a semi-goober.  I think it is cool and breezy and they felt good! 

We started off and when we got to the 2nd ride away we heard a dog barking like crazy and it was behind a chainlink fence around a valve coming out of the ground.  Poor thing.  I called Ricky Venable with the city and told him about it and he said "that is probably who has been eating our chickens!!  I will call someone to take care of it".  I am assuming he called animal control.

We rode out onto the bayou and headed for the bridge.  We saw an alligator in Willow Bayou.  You can see it in the middle of this picture.  It wasn't a huge one but looked about 5 feet long.  We crossed the bridge and I got off half way across because he was limping on a rock.  I cleaned his hooves when we got to the other side. 

We went straight and down the side of the bog.  It is grown up but could see someone had drove back there.  We went about a 1/3 of the way down and Biscuit spooked up hard and dang near unseated me.  LOL  thank God he stopped when I pulled back.  I hit the back of the cantle and think there may have been some daylight between me and my saddle!!!  Lee Ann P said a frog had jumped off a log.  OMG a F-R-O-G!!!  We kept going and Biscuit was refusing to lead.  He generally will after being on the trail for a while.  We got to the back and were going to go through the low trail.  Legato was sinking and Biscuit was going to go...he got his tootsies wet and said "no" and backed up.  We went down the higher little trail watching out for Spiders!!!  Biscuit took the lead when we hit the main trail FINALLY and we got over to where there are boggy areas on both sides and he lifted up his head and was alert.  I could hear something to the right and we kept going and he stopped again.  Hogs started running from right to left across the trail.  I counted 6 hogs.  I asked him to go forward and he threw it into reserve  (ggggggggrrrrrrrrrrr) pushing into Legato and Rogue and they had no place to go.  Rogue took the lead and Lee Ann was right under a spider and she wasn't too happy about that. 

We went down the back and around to the other side.  We completed the ride through the woods.  We rode 8.5 miles in 3 hours because we were walking.  Biscuit was a pretty good boy.  We hauled back to the barn.  I had a blast and felt better than this morning.

I couldn't sleep last night - had chills and then was too hot off and on all night with body aches and pains.  Ugh.  Felt so much better after I rode!

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