Friday, August 31, 2012

Kellie Rides in her new Steele Saddle

Kellie finally got in her new Steele saddle!!!  She was so excited and we planned to go riding today so she could give it a whirl.  We had to delay our ride for 30 minutes as it was raining at her house.

I got out to the barn and picked up Biscuit.  He was glad to get in the trailer because his breakfast was there.  I loaded up my tack, saturated my cool vest and yalmuke and took off.  I got to the park and unloaded The Biscuit.  I cleaned his hooves and brushed him...added on some fly spray.  Kellie arrived and took out Elan and I had to walk over to see the new saddle.  It looked black at first in the trailer but it is actually just dark. After she took it out I lifted it up and it has the light tree but it is still heavier than my saddle.  It is nice!!! Different than a western as it is a trail saddle so it doesn't have loads of superfluous skirting.

We tacked up and I could tell Biscuit has lost some weight - they cut back their feed by 1/2 which is good.  We took off and into the woods.  Biscuit didn't want to lead and can throw it into reverse.  We stopped to lengthen Kellie's stirrups and Elan decided the dirt was a very special chocolate type treat.  His lips and mouth were full of mud!!!

When we got back to the trailhead the first round Biscuit threw it into reverse and I circled him.  He was pretty snotty about it but we went forward.  We took a trip down the ride away and then back to the right.  I saw a snake slither into a water filled rut and it was roiling around in a very strange manner.  It was black with gold bands.  I tried to look it up and couldn't find one I thought was what I saw!

We hit a trot for a while and Biscuit did really terrific and was very forward.  A few times he gave logs a funny look and kinda spooked at one.  That is the oddest thing...logs on the trail cause he too startle more than anything else!!!

Kellie and I decided to do just 2 rounds as rain bands were on their way.  We rode back to the trail head and I made Biscuit go past it and he did without throwing it into reverse.  I took his tack off and took him over to wash him off.  He was good about spraying his face - he is a good boy.

We drank a coke and loaded up.  It started sprinkling.  Raining by the time I got home.  UGH.  I got cleaned up and by then it was sun shining.  Kellie and I met at Sol restaurant for lunch.  We are planning on riding Saturday and Sunday to get our saddles broke in.

My saddle is no longer making my feet tingle!  hahahahah  I think it was just a little stiff.   I need to bring it home and condition it again.  Kellie's new saddle squeaked quiet a bit and I think King Elan was not happy with that!!!

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