Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Biscuit is the Trail Master

I finally dragged out to the barn hauling my Brenderup.  I stopped and talked to The LeeAnns about our trip to Brushy Creek.  We discussed the trails and the cabins.  I'd love to go back there with the ladies.

I went down to get Biscuit and he walked all the way to the back in the corner when he saw the trailer!!  I walked out there and Lisa walked over after giving Kash a treat.  She had a bag in her hand and Sarge was reaching out to her.  He got a sharp pop on the nose for being all up in her kool aide.  He gets pushy where Biscuit doesn't.  I don't think Sarge would ever bite or nip anyone but it is still bad manners.  He is a cutie though!  Lisa and I visited for a few minutes and then had to go.

I walked Biscuit to the trailer and loaded him up.  I hauled to the park and unloaded and tacked up.  We walked around the park at a walk.  We came upon a plastic Tombstone that was all beat up looking and tied to a tree branch.  Biscuit gave it a funny look!

Biscuit tripped/bobbled a few times so I thought maybe he had a rock in his hoof.  We went down the side trail and then back.  We were coming down the trail by the park road and Biscuit wanted to go out the first entry.  I turned him to the trail and kept going.  He passed up the next entry but on the 3rd entry I let him go where he wanted.

He walked out to the road and crossed it.  He headed towards the pavilion, behind the bathroom crossing over towards the other pavilion, down the grass and finally crossed over to the stables, walked down the road that leads into the stable and stopped at my RAV.  He is just a funny boy!!!

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