Thursday, October 4, 2012

Working on a Canter with The Biscuit

I hauled out to the barn with the intention of taking Biscuit to Tyrrell Park to ride.  Lee Ann P was on the porch of the office enjoying her lunch.  I needed to pay my board so I stopped to talk to her.  We were talking about rides, riding, places to ride.  I told her that I still would like to ride in a Limited Distance but I sometimes have trouble getting Biscuit to go out by himself.  I said this is something I am going to keep working on. 

She said she had dragged the arena and was going to ride there so I decided to join her instead of going to Tyrrell.  LeAnne B drove up and said her afternoon appointments had cancelled so she came out to get ready for their trip to Kisatchie Friday.  We visited for awhile and then I headed down to get Biscuit.  Thank goodness he didn't go to the other side of the pasture and I loaded him up and hauled him up to the barn.  He was sweating when I took him out poor guy.  It was warm today but not blazing hot.  I tacked him up and took him into the arena. 

I walked and jogged him around the arena.  Did some side passing to both sides.  He was snotty a few times but not bad.  Lee Ann P was riding Legato in her dressage saddle and Ms. Legato was NOT a happy camper.  Lifting up that butt, being snotty at times.  Lee Ann made her back up several times very firmly and take off again.  She finally stopped her and changed into her Sharon Saare Saddle and then Ms. Legato was a happy camper.  Lee Ann was cantering her round and round so I stopped to watch her.  Round and round cantering so smoothly. 

I jogged/trotted Biscuit on the other side and the geldings (Toreque, Nebbie, Sakkara and Jabarre) all were racing in their paddock along with Sadda in the next but Biscuit just ignored them and kept going.  Good boy. 

Lee Ann finished her ride and said it was time for me to canter.  Oh boy...I am a sissy.  I started out on the whole arena and Biscuit did a head toss and a skiddle off the rail thing so we closed the gates so I basically had a large round pen.  The Lee Anns gave me tons of encouragement and instruction to get the trot like I liked, reins like I liked and ask for the canter.  There was a wet muddy spot towards the back that caused him so feel like he was slipping but we worked through it.  She said to left up the inside rein to keep him on track.  The first canter there my butt was coming off the seat and I was way too forward.  She said sit back.  Next time I got him going and was too forward and sat back and he almost stopped!  Good boy.   Lots of whining, pissing and moaning and that was from me - not Biscuit!  Started again and was able to sit back on some of the rounds. 

Was able to kick him up and keep him going.  One time I popped him on the shoulder to get him going.  It was scary and sometimes I was afraid I was going to come off of him.  Once time I held on to the cantle to balance myself and went around several times but my elbows were all over the place.  Lee Ann P said my butt wasn't all over the place - just my elbows and to keep them down and locked and my reins up, fingers around reins.  Did it again and got a pretty nice rounds...some not so nice.....some me stopping him because I felt like I was coming off. 

I had been going counter clock wise and started a clockwise.   He felt a little more herky jerky going that way but he was slower which was good.  Changed and went the other way and Lee Ann said not to hold on to the pommel that it will not serve me well in the future.  I did the last go around and I want to say it was 4 or 5 rounds - the last two I made a very concious effort to keep my elbows tucked in and still, hands still except for lifting the inside rein to keep him on the correct track. 

He did a great job and I wasn't scared or stiff.  My legs were pretty much relaxed - not totally but way better than last week.  Biscuit wasn't really even breathing that hard. I walked him around a little to cool him off.  I took his tack off and washed him off.  He was sweaty somewhat so I cleaned him up and rinsed his sheath out.  It was full of junk!!   He got lots of hugs and kisses and treats.  He really is a good boy and we are going to work on his cantering more next week. 

It is so nice to have friends who will help.  I was grateful.  Maybe one day I can do a limited distance ride with Lee Ann and not whimp out!!!  It is my dream. 

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