Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pushin' the Biscuit down the trail

I hauled to the Barn and Lee Ann P and I talked about Kisatchie and endurance riding.  Biscuit and Sarge were up in the arena as they were baling his pasture.  He was out in the big arena and came to me when I called him .  Good Boy!!!  He and I went to the park for a ride.  Margaret visited with me out there before I tacked up.  I put my heart monitor on and mounted up.  We walked slowing til I go to the half mile mark and I stopped and made a way point.  I picked up a way point from before when I marked a mile. 

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We did some trotting and jogging and went down the side trail.  He didn't like passing up the trail head and I was PUSHING him down the trail.  We went down the side trail again.  It was hot today and humid.  I did an in and out on the little trail.  His heart rate was wonderful when he was jogging.

I gave him a bath and hauled back to the barn.  I talked to Lee Ann B while she rode Rogue in the arena. 

I have a little saddle sore which is the pits.  I put neosporine on it and hope it heals quickly.  It made riding a little unfun today!

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