Monday, October 15, 2012

Cantering with Kellie and Barry

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Barry went riding with Kellie and me Saturday morning.  There were quiet a few people there - James had a little group but we rode out ahead of them.  Through the woods and out onto the bayou.

We cantered down the bayou some.  Biscuit did a good job - not great but ok.  We got to the bridge and went left to take Elan over the Yellow Brick Road Bridge.  He balked, Biscuit backed up.  I used my crop to pop pop pop him a little on the butt and Biscuit did as I asked and went across the bridge.  Kellie was finally able to get Elan to go.  Barry crossed after Elan.  Kellie then wanted Elan to go back first.  He kept backing up when she'd get him up there and I finally gave her my crop and she bopped him a few times and kept urging him and YAY....Elan went across the bridge.  We went across the big bridge and went straight.

We were going down the bog and got to where more solid area is to the left and I heard something in the woods, sounded like hogs to me, and Barry said Sarge was a little tense.  The wind was blowing and Barry said it was that kind of weather that made the horses cranked up.  There was the hog walking sound again and Sarge BOLTED.  OMG not spooked up...Bolted about 30 to 40 feet hauling hinny.  Elan and Biscuit looked at him like he had lost a few marbles.  We kept going and got to the point overlooking the Bayou and it was blowing!  I looked behind me and James' group was not that far off so we went down the wooded little trail to the main trail.  We did some trotting.  Got down to the bayou area where the little hills are and we were moving a little faster.  Did a little canter up hill.  We got to the little drainage bridge and stopped so Kellie could put on her Kewl Vest.  Off we went.  We were cantering and Biscuit can't canter slow yet and Barry stopped quickly and dang...we almost ran up Sarge's butt.  Barry got behind me and we picked up the canter. Slowed when he went around a dip and spooked at something.  Tried to canter again but he was just trotting FAST.  Kellie was cantering.  Stopped and asked for the canter and got it.  Cantered all the way to the end of the bog and around the first part of the hairpin turn.

Kellie said Biscuit was "side tracking" which I could tell he was.  He doesn't go straight yet.  We will work on it.  He did a pretty good job.  We crossed the big bridge and started cantering again.  OMG he was all over the place.  Then Sarge come spooking across our path, he was closest to the bayou, then Elan and then me.  He was spooking at a boat in the bayou.  It was pretty funny.  He looked at it like it was a fire breathing dragon.  We spoke to the man in the boat and his two kids.  They caught a bass that they showed to us.  How cute is that?

We took off again at a canter,  Barry and Kellie ahead of me and Biscuit going a little faster to catch up...but he was all over the then slow, the area is uneven and his going from side to side, slow/fast kept throwing me off balance.  I finally called a halt to it and walked back!  When we got into the woods Kellie and I hit a fast 6.5 mph trot almost all the way back to the stables.  Woo Hoo almost took a huge spider in the face but managed to get my crop up there and woosh it away.

We rode 8.8 miles and had a freaking blast.  We did see a good sized alligator sunning in the water on the way back.

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