Monday, October 22, 2012

Brushy Creek Guest Ranch Thursday Day 1

I made reservations at Brushy Creek Guest Ranch in Gloster, Mississippi in the Homochitto National Forest months ago and our trip day has arrived.  On Wednesday I went grocery shopping to get the food we would need as it is in the boonies. 

We left the house a little after 9:00 to fill up the truck and get ice.  When we got to the barn we loaded up Barry's tack, the orange vests I borrowed from Lee Ann B, hay and feed.  We went down to pick up the horses and we saw them running, bucking and playing. 

I set out to get Biscuit and he let me catch him with no problem.  I thought he'd run but  he didn't.  I was walking him towards the shelter and all of a sudden his butt came around and he was in front of me and I heard running hoofbeats.  Sarge had ran from Barry like a hotdog.  Blowing past me and cranking up the Biscuit.  But….good news…Biscuit listened to me and didn't run off and yank the lead rope out of my hands.  Sarge blew by right behind us and over to the other side and I started walking Biscuit to the trailer and Sarge finally let Barry catch him. 

We loaded them up and Biscuit smelled to high heaven of nasty mud!  We then took off.  Had a few idiots pull out in front of us….dang…what is wrong with people?  At the foot of the Mississippi Bridge in Baton Rouge we went north and crossed the Mississippi on the old Huey P. Long Bridge.  It is 3 days older than dirt.

We got to Brushy Creek and headed up the 1 mile gravel road.  OMG deep deep DEEP drop offs on the north side and deep drop offs on the south side.  Lumpity bumpity to the Brushy Creek Property line and OH MY how pretty it was!!!  We drove in and winded our way past the big arena to the covered stalls.  We got out and I unsnapped Biscuit and let down the butt bar.  He finally started backing out and poor fellow, he was shaking like a leaf and looked scared to death.  What a sissy boy!  I patted his shoulder and spoke to him and led him over to eat grass and he stopped shaking but he had white stuff running out of his nose and he snorted and got snot all over me and  he was nearly walking on top of me.  LOL he was fine when I told him to chill.  He had poop all over his butt and I was covered in horse snot.  Oh Yay!

Sarge was fine.  Or he looked fine.  We put them in stalls then changed to the other side and got their water and hay.  I sprayed Biscuit with fly spray and Barry sprayed Sarge.  There seemed to be lots of flies even though the place was immaculate.  I took Biscuit out and washed his backside.  We went and unloaded the stuff out of the truck, realized I forgot the dang chicken strips.  Morgan used some last night and they were put back in the house freezer instead of the cake kitchen.  Duhhhh…we headed for town and found a little store that had chicken and we ate at a little restaurant.  It was just ok. 

We came back and got the horses out.  I took Biscuit into the arena and had him walking around me on his lead line in circles and he went to the right with literally no fuss.  Good boy.  Stopped and did left, then right, then left, then right without being a butt.   Barry tacked up and was working Sarge in the arena.  I took Biscuit out and let him graze.  I took him down to brush him as he was pretty dirty looking.  Barry finished up with Sarge and had him tied to the other side of the trailer.  I was going to trim/rasp his feet.  He was at attention in giraffe mode and wouldn't pick up his hoof.  OMG he was looking at a crane by the little lake like it was an alien.  SNORTING like a bull.  Wouldn't listen to me and acting like grizzly bears had appeared.  Barry took him across the road into grass and was trying to lunge him but Sarge was snorting and blowing and practically walking on Barry.  I think if he could have he would have jumped in Barry's arms.  Barry walked him towards the crane and Sarge was BLOWING BLOWING SNORTING did I say he was S-N-O-R-T-I-N-G?

Biscuit was concerned when he couldn't see Sarge…I thing he bought into the idea that a Grizzly ate Sarge.  Barry brought him back from around the other side of the stalls and Sarge was calmer.  Barry said the crane flew off and I guess Sarge thought he made him go away so he was ok then.  Hhahahahahahaaha he is such a funny little horse.  We put them in their stalls and I gave Biscuit more hay as his was all gone.  Sarge had plenty.

Barry and I sat outside and watched the stars.  We could see the Milky Way and the little sliver of the moon sure put out a bunch of light.  Had it been a full moon you could have taken a late night ride. 

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