Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rasping Biscuit's Hooves

I went to Gander Mountain today while my computer was being examined at Best Buy.  They had some big hog traps...dang....Tyrrell Park needs some of those!!

I went to the barn today and sat and chatted with Lee Ann P and Elise about their upcoming endurance ride.  I am so excited for them.  I offered my Aussie saddle to Elise and she tacked Jabare up in it.  It seemed to fit him well and Elise liked the saddle.

I started on Biscuit's hooves and was pleased to see some cupping in his front hooves.  He was a bit of a pill today doing his hooves but I did get it done.  He had a huge bite mark on his side....I think he must have been aggravating Sarge.  I will be doing Sarge's hooves tomorrow.

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