Monday, October 15, 2012

Flora and Fauna

I hauled out to the park and tacked Biscuit up.  I got there a little earlier than Kellie as a client was picking up a cake out there.  I grew up with Karen so I have know here since childhood.  Biscuit looked so nice in his tack and the little girl Allison wanted to pet him.  She loved her cake by the way.  

Kellie and I headed out at a walk.  We went to the left and went down the little trail to Cattail.  We got to the sign that says "Trails" and Elan startled at it and didn't want to go near it.  It had been freshly painted.  Kellie and I laughed about it and I took my treats out of my little pouch, let him smell it and placed it on the post.  OMG I had an electrical shock run through my back.  I must have pinched a nerve!!  Anyway, it took Kellie a little bit to get Elan to go up to it and get the treat but he finally did.

We went back to the main trail and I saw these little mushrooms growing.  How cute is that?  LOL  I spent some time taking pictures of "spores, molds and fungus" like Egan in Ghost Busters.  Kellie and I were remembering how our boys loved Ghost Busters as little kids and how funny that show was.

We only went around once and we did go down the little path to the picnic tables.  We haven't been there in a long time.   On the last 1/2 mile of the ride Biscuit tripped a number of times on his front left hoof.  When I got back to the barn and got off, I got another little shock nerve jolt.  Gaaaa...that needs to go away.  Anyway, this was stuck in the little cleft of his left front hoof.  It was a little sliver of a wood chip.  Poor guy, it was totally wedged into his hoof.

It was a nice relaxing ride.  Oddly, the Garmin Track really doesn't show the picnic trail part of the ride.   Kellie and I sat and let the horses eat hay - Kellie shared some Jiggs with Biscuit.  Elan dropped quiet a bit on the ground but didn't want to eat that....Kellie finally put the bag on her lap and he was eating out of the bag!  He is such a funny little horse!!!

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