Monday, October 8, 2012

My Little Yellow Horse is the Bomb

I went out to the barn and talked to Lee Ann B while she was riding in the arena. She said they had a great time at Kisatchie. I want to go back there and ride again! I told her about our bomb proof clinic. We want to do some of it in the arena. I think we can get some of the stuff like cushions, black "holes", feed bags, the crunchy bottles and I think we can maybe get some "boxes" made. Lee Ann B has a big ball and so we may do a little bit of bomb proofing at the ranch. I went down to the pasture. Biscuit and Sarge were under the shelter.

I got Biscuit and loaded him up and hauled to Tyrrell Park. I tacked up, mounted up and walked to the end of the house and had to return for my helmet! We went to the right and walked all the way to the little trail and went down that. The old gentleman I ran into last week had cut those branches that nearly knock you off the horse - Thanks!!!

I got to the trail head and heard someone talking and all of a sudden there was Lisa and Kash Kitty from the barn! Kash and Biscuit both startled HARD. LOL it was funny. Lisa and Kash Kitty joined me on the ride. We went to the right and I told her about the clinic. We came to the ride aways and there was a plastic bag so I made Biscuit walk over it and she got Kash Kitty to go over it. He was a little flummoxed but he did it.

We went around the woods, down the little trail and down both ride aways.  We went out on the bayou and down to the bridge.  We went to the right and across the Yellow Brick Road Bridge.  Biscuit gave me a little flack but he finally went.  We crossed and went to the right down the side of the drainage ditch to the water pump.  Had a little issue going past that but they did it.  We went to Willow Bayou but the back going down to Hildebrandt was not cut so we went back and Lisa wanted to cross the big bridge.  LOL  Kash Kitty backed up right into my leg and Biscuit's butt but it was ok.  He got half way across and started backing up.  He finally went and Lisa crossed over.  I said I would need to be returning as it was 4:48 or so!!!  It would have been too late to have gone all the way around the bog.  We will have to save that for another day.

We started back up Willow Bayou and when we got to the road that goes down Cattail Marsh we could see 2 horseback riders.  We kept going straight and Lisa wanted to do a little cantering so I kicked Biscuit into a canter - it was a little fast to start out - I told myself to relax and asked Biscuit to slow down and lo and behold...he did and hit a very nice slow controlled canter.  I kept the canter until Lisa slowed Kash Kitty.  Woo Hooo  My little yellow horse is the bomb.  We went into the woods and went left.  We got to the area where the bag was and Biscuit spooked a black bag on the ground.  I stopped and made him go over it.  It rattled around his foot and he jumped up like it was a snake but he was good about it.

It was a fun ride and Lisa was fun to ride with.  She told me all about getting Kash ready to shoot off of.  He is a super laid back horse - what a sweetheart!  I rode 10.3 miles and Lisa rode 8 miles.  We had a blast.  This is the track we rode.

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