Monday, October 22, 2012

Brushy Creek Saturday

We rode out around 10:00 this morning.  When I was saddling Biscuit up he started kicking - he was standing in ants.  I moved him over and he moved too fast and his saddle slipped under his stomach.  Thank Goodness Barry was right there to shove it back in place.  My back was kinda stiff but worst of all my legs felt weak.  We started out and I realized I left BOTH cameras…duh.

We went down the trails and I had a few zingers in the back but was ok.  We got up to the first place where you go down to the creek.  There were two riders coming towards us and the lady was going down to the creek.  The man was on a perlino horse that was having a melt down.  We stopped so not to get in his way.  He kept urging the horse to go down and whipping him  with his reins.  The horse was going sideways and stumbled over hedge or stump or something and down he went.  OMG I thought that guy was TOAST.  I did call out and asked him if he was ok.  He said he was and got up.  We went around him  and kept going.  He commented to Barry that the horse was young.   What a fricktard.  I later saw that the horse was a stallion and I think he was just afraid and whipping him obviously didn't help.  Poor thing. 

We went on down the trail and crossed the creek.  The creek is gorgeous.  Biscuit gets a little anxious when he sinks into the sand.    Once when we were standing in the water so Barry could take a picture of us poor Biscuit was shaking.  God love him.  He gets a little scared but doesn't freak out.

Barry stopped to check Sarge's feet and I asked him to check Biscuit's.  He was checking Biscuit's feet and Sarge took off!!!  LOL  He was ready to trail ride.  Barry was able to catch him THANK GOD.  Sarge was ready to go today and was so excited to be leading.

We kept going down the trails and they were going up.  Once we had to go around a downed to tree to the left and step over the smaller part and the trail DROPPED down so steep from there.  LOL  I shocked myself that I went as I am the biggest sissy in the world.    We came to a downed tree and it wasn't that big and Biscuit stepped over it with his front feet and JUMPED with his back feet.  My right hand was near the pommel and when he jumped the tree I went forward and smacked my pelvic bone into my thumb.  OMG I saw stars.  I think my pelvic bone was broke!!!  Gaaaaa!!!!

We crossed the creek several times in different places.  We met a few people on the trail and talked to them.  We stopped to eat out Lunchable and Biscuit was hoping Barry would share a cracker with him but Barry told him to shove off.  I reached in my pouch and brought out my treats and Biscuit was more than happy to bend around and get a treat.  He just couldn't believe Barry was eating in front of him and not offering a bite!!   We kept riding and crossed the creek not far from the camp.  We went up an high entry that had Biscuit hopping up it but the trail just petered out so we went back to the creek and walked through the creek and entered at another place.  We went up and to the left and were going down a road where trees had been cut.  We decided it wasn't a road we wanted to follow.  We went back and where we turned left we kept going so it was to the right of the trail.  We went up a trail and came to a wide muddy spot and Barry went to the right of it and it had grass up it was soft and I think it caught both of the boys off guard when they sunk in it.  They were ok though.  We kept going and circled around and headed back.  We crossed the creek two more times.  Biscuit kept tripping and I think his feet were getting sore. 

He was excellent today.  We only rode 7.5 miles but those were some pretty dang tough miles.  Not like riding in Tyrrell Park.  We crossed several bridges today and Biscuit was so good about going over all of them…even the one that was a huge mud hole in front of the bridge.  When I went to dismount I couldn't make my left foot work and couldn't get it out of the stirrup.  When I finally got it out and dismounted I had a shock run up my back.  Dang!  I took Biscuit over to give him a bath and get the mud and grit off of him.  He had a little cut on his back where his saddle was.  I first thought it was a rub mark but I think when his saddle slid down one of the cinch buckles cut his back.  I checked his feet and his front right looks a little red on the white line so I imagine that is why he was tripping.  I doctored his back for him and put him up after letting him eat some grass.  Tomorrow I will put his boots on.  There were quiet a bit of rocks on the trails in places. 

We later went back and fed them and I gave Biscuit some alfalfa and we talked with some of the other campers.  All nice folks!

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