Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Biscuit is a Keeper - He keeps me in my saddle

I decided to go riding again today (Tuesday).  I loaded him up and loaded my tack and hauled to Tyrrell Park.  I tacked Biscuit up and went to the left.  We got around to the side trail and went down it.  The hangman tree was gone!! 

I got back to the main trail and then ran into a older gentleman on the trail.  He thought the trails were gorgeous and said he was from Woodville and visited Beaumont at times.  He had a big walking stick and said he didn't understand why the park wasn't used more.  I explained about some of the unsavory folks using the park and so some people stay away.  I moved on and kept going til I heard a growl!  I thought it was a dog and proceeded cautiously.  Then I heard oinking and squealing and movement on both sides.  Gaaa.....there are so many hogs out there.  You can see where they are rooting around.  Used to be just every now and then you would see it is all over the trail where they have rooted stuff up.  Biscuit was a little nervous.  We went on and kept going.  On the second round I had him trotting and we were over on the side by the park road and he spooked hard to the right.  OMG I felt myself fling forward to the right, my right foot came out of the stirrup and my right hand grabbed for his mane.  I was unseated and unbalanced.  Biscuit stopped INSTANTLY.  I righted myself...said a few choice words to Biscuit and turned him around to see what he had spooked at .  Not real sure what it was so we turned back to our trail and kept going.  We went all the way around and then back the other way.  Tons of trotting at a good clip.

Went to the fence where the dog was at and it seems it dug its way in there.  I posted a picture of it. 

 Ran back into the older Gentleman and he was cutting some branches off the sides (he'd asked me earlier about it and I said it was ok).  He said "I just realized I might be invading just a horse trail" and I told him no, it was for people to walk or jog on.  Very nice fellow and he said he'd cut the bad over hanging branches that nearly take Biscuit's bridle out of my hands on one side and when I went to the other today it stabbed me with stickers.

We had a good ride.  I spoke to Ricky when I got back and told him the hogs were going wild!  I called Cassie and took him to Doc's for his Coggins after our ride.

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