Monday, October 22, 2012

Brushy Creek Friday Day 2

Barry and I got up at 7:30 AM.  We went out on the front porch and were greeted by the little green head duck.  Barry went and fed the horses and I made breakfast - Egg Muffin Sandwiches and grapes.  Mist was rising off of the water and it was so pretty.  We heard a number of gun shots going off…someone hunting squirrels or hogs. 

Barry caught several fish so we planned on having those for dinner!  Beverly came by to see how we were doing and I said the cabin was way too warm.  She had just turned the AC on when I called about 20 minutes before we arrived.  She said she would bring us another AC for the downstairs.  Woot!!!

Barry and I just enjoyed the morning…beautiful quiet scenery as we were the only ones in the park!  We rode up to little store and picked up Crisco Oil to fry the fish in and some worms for Barry to fish with as he was using the chicken we bought last night. 

I made us sandwiches for lunch and we ate outside on the in front of the porch right on the water.  The cabin is absolutely precious - I think I could live there!!! 

We went up and got the horses out and I said I would do Sarge's hooves if Barry held them for me.  Sarge was a bit of a toot but he will listen to Barry.  I need to bring his back toes in more.  I think they are a little too long.  Barry tacked him up and I was tacking up Biscuit.  Barry said he was going to run back to the cabin to get something and I said to bring my GPS.  Barry took off in the truck and OMG Sarge was bobbing that head up and down, swung his butt around to the front of the trailer and hung his big teeth on the front window of the B'up.  I told him to get his big teeth off of it and to calm down.  He was going back and forth, banging into the trailer.   Several times I stopped and went over and talked to him and told him to calm it on down.  OMG I told Barry when he got back to never tack Sarge up and ride off in the truck.  He wasn't a happy camper.  I think Sarge has OCD.  LOL  : )

I got Biscuit tacked up and didn't realize I was standing on his purple reins.  Barry got his bridle out of the tack closet for some reason it spooked Biscuit and he jerked his head up and back and Good God it lit me up.  I felt like I had a major electrical shock run all through my body.  I had to go over to the bumper and sit down.  It made me so weak.  I finally mounted up (no GARMIN dang it) and we headed off down a trail.  The wind was blowing pretty hard.  We crossed a little bridge and went down the trail and down to the creek.  It is so pretty.  I was stiff and my legs felt funny.  I think I am going to have to go to a chiropractor even if I am scared stiff of them.  Last night I had so many zingers run through my back and legs that it is making my trip not fun. 

We went back up to the trail, around a little stretch of rocky road and around another section that had drop offs and a really steep trail.  We didn't do down that trail.  We went another route and Biscuit knocked my right foot into a tree.  We went down to another section of creek.  Barry thought it was 4:00 PM so we headed back.  Biscuit didn't want to go through the deep cut section we had just went through and went to the side of it then had to jump into it anyway.  Gaa…not good on the old back.  Trotting didn't seem to bother me…it is the unexpected jarring to either side that made me get zinger electric shock feelings.  We went back to the ranch and worked the horses in the arena.  I made Biscuit jog round and round.  I then took his tack off and let him eat grass.  Barry kept working Sarge and then later rinsed him off.  I scraped him off while Barry cleaned the stalls.  I got hay for Biscuit and brought him back to his stall and fed him.  Dang…It was JUST then 4:00.  I don't know why Barry thought it was 4:00 -  we didn't want to go further and get caught out there late!  Hahahahah  oh well, there is always tomorrow and maybe it is best with my back all jacked up. 

Beverly had ran out of gas on her little golf cart and I drove her up to the main house to get some gas.  She is a super nice lady and works like a Trojan.  She came and put in the little AC in the living room and it made a huge difference.   This cabin is in direct sun light almost all day where the other two cabins are totally in the shade all day.  This cabin has the best view of the pond but the others are backed by the creek. 

Barry and I came back to the cabin and he was piddling with fishing and I  took a nap on the couch.  After I woke up I made us dinner, nice salads, home made crutons, fried fish, rice a roni and baked chicken.  I didn't like the chicken but the fish was pretty good.  

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