Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sarge and trailer training

Today was take Sarge to the trainer day if we could get him in the trailer. We go out to the barn around 9:00 AM and groom Sarge and load up the trailer. We asked him to get can do. We are pouring sweat and it is HOT. We are trying to entice with go. I later get the long lunge line and attach to the gromlet on the side of the Brenderup. He kept trying to go off the side but we get him up on the ramp with the rope behind him and I am gently applying pressure.

We work with this for over an hour. Edgar, (works at the barn, he feeds, cleans stalls, handyman, hay baler, etc so the horses know him!) says he will help. He worked gently with Sarge, too. Barry showed Sarge the buggy whip and he decided to get in the trailer on his own really. Sarge is like my husband...he has a mind of his own! He is calm as a cucumber once he was in the trailer. Up we go to Ray's who lives 50 miles away.

Sarge comes out of the trailer happy as can be. Ray is very glad to see him and hugs him up and then takes him to his slant trailer and first Sarge refuses 2 times and then hops in the trailer like it was yesterday.

Brings him over to the Brenderup, sets the center divider in place with the butt bar on one side so it is solid and asks him to get up there. Sarge refuses so Ray takes his buggy whip and lunges him on in circles right there. He walks him to the ramp and has the whip under his left arm and Sarge to the right. He uses his left arm to tap Sarge on the butt while keeping looking forward. After a few moments he lunges more and asked him to get up in the trailer. Up Sarge went like it was all fine and good. Backs him out and asks him to go again. Sarge went in circles a few times and when asked he got in the trailer.

My husband and I were doing it WRONG. LOL It was almost funny. I left the Brenderup there with Ray and will go back next Sunday to pick him up. Ray is going to tune him up and show hubby where all his buttons are. Sarge is a darling boy but this was really a deal breaker if we couldn't get him in the trailer! It took us 1.5 hours this morning because we are too stupid to live on training horses to get in a trailer. I know now how it is done so if I ever have to train a horse to get in a trailer I will know how.

Ray has taken Sarge across a suspended bridge! My goodness if he will cross over on that he should walk on anything!

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