Monday, August 1, 2011

Riding with my peeps and having a picnic!

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The LeAnn's and I went riding at Tyrrell today.  We were already pretty much ready to go as we left the tack in the trailer yesterday!  I went out to the barn yesterday to get my Garmin - it was still attached to my saddle - and OMG the sweaty saddle blankets nearly knocked me down.  Gaaa!!!! 

Biscuit was waiting for me when I got to the barn this morning.....LOL he was ready for his breakfast.  I dropped my Cool Vest and my yarmulka (that is what LeAnn calls them!) in a bucket with Lee Ann's to soak up water while we were getting the horses ready.  It didn't take long to feed them and I cleaned Biscuit's hooves.  We loaded them up and took off to Tyrrell Park.

The parks people were working the the trees that are potted out there and working on a tire.  It was cranking the horses up. I went to put my crop on the saddle and Biscuit had a melt down and skittered away from me and was trembling.  I calmed him down and walked him around.  He was ok then but when I went to put his bridle on he started that baloney again...a pop on the jowl brought him down to earth and to his senses and got his attention.  We took off and went to the left because Biscuit thought we were going to the right.  I want him to go where I say not where he thinks he wants to go so we change it up.  We walked around to leg them up and then hit a jog.  Biscuit is doing fantastic at that jog.  He has it down pat and we jogged all the way to the place where we go out to the canal. 

We went out on the canal and we jogged towards the end before getting to the bridge.  The grass is pretty darn deep.  Over the canal and we went over the land bridge after stalled horses refused to go.  Biscuit had a problem yesterday over a stryofoam plate and my God, it was still there!!! We went around and down the road.  Didn't jog much there - the grass is really deep and hard to see the ground.  We got to the little cement bridge and there was a pretty good sized turtle.  I was trying to get my camera out and Biscuit decided that was backup time and backed up into Rogue and pissed him off.  I was popping him with crop and kicking to beat the band.  He is one hard headed boy!  Finally he went and we didn't have too many spider episodes on the back of the bayou ride.  It was so nice back there.  We enjoyed it.  I got off and walked over the big bridge on the way hip and left knee were a little stiff and it helped to get off.  We trotted going up towards the woods all the way to the opening....I was posting because it was faster than a jog.  We walked around the woods but at the end LeAnn cantered Legato and Lee Ann and I kept at a walk. 

We took the tack off and I took Biscuit and his bucket over to the hose and he was drinking as I was filling it up!  He was mostly dry when we got back to the stables from just walking but he obviously was thirsty!  I hosed him off to cool him down and then we had a picnic under the trees. 

We loaded up and hauled back to the barn.  I cleaned Biscuit's hooves and wow...his hooves are growing like wild fire.  I will work on them tomorrow. 

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