Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Meeting Biscuit's Sire

I called Mr. Lavergne today and asked if I might visit with him and bring Biscuit.  I told him about wanting to register Biscuit.  I gave him the information that I had as to who bred their mare, Mr. A. Root, the mare's name was Josie, and that the result was a palomino stud colt.  He said he'd be more than happy to speak with me and yes, I could bring The Biscuit.

I called Kellie to see if she wanted to take a road trip with me and she said yes.  I went out to the barn and LeAnn hauled me down to the pasture to get Biscuit in the Gator so she could see his hooves I trimmed yesterday.  She liked how they were trimmed.   They are getting better.  Not perfect but better!  I brushed Biscuit, cleaned out the poop from Sunday that Barry left in the trailer (GAG- it was growing MOLD) and loaded up The Biscuit.  I hauled out and picked up Kellie and she, bless her heart, had a Diet Coke for me.  We hauled out to Mr. Lavergne's in Winnie and unloaded the Biscuit.  He took Biscuit and got a good look at him and said, yes, he was one of "their" babies...head and hindquarter's were a Skipper Di baby.

We tied Biscuit up and went into the office where he'd dug out the information.  I told him Kenny thought the mare was young but he said this was the only mare he bred for Mr. Root, who oddly enough, had contacted him 4 days prior to see if he had a palomino yearling (I think that is right) but he didn't have what he was looking for.  So, Biscuit is actually10 years old.  He was bred on May 11, 2000 and foaled on April 22, 2001.  His dam is Jose Reflection #2709118 and his sire is Skipper Di #3343519.  Jose Reflections sire is Ole Man Brandy and her dam is Jose Twist. 

So, my boy is registrable.  LeAnn P and I thought Limp Biscuit would be a good name...Limp for me, Biscuit for him!!!  LOL  I was thinking about Skippin' The Biscuit.  I have to come up with 6 names for him to see which one is a go.  I will call AQHA and discuss this with them again tomorrow.  I do have to get Mr. Root to sign the transfer papers and registration papers.

We looked at Skipper Di and he is a big ole pretty boy!  Has the same look on his face and in his eye that Biscuit does.  He is a much darker gold than Biscuit though.  Biscuit is lighter.  We looked at several of his palomino's and they were all pretty horses.  Biscuit looks just as nice now.  I took a picture of Mr. Lavergne with Biscuit.

I thanked Mr. Lavergne for his kindness in helping me.  He was a very nice person and I really appreciated his help.  Kellie and hauled Biscuit back to Plum Nearly and talked to LeAnn about Nugget, Kellie's new horse.  He had been bred there at the Ranch.  LeAnn called the Arabian association and found out he was 23 years old...foaled, like Biscuit, on April 22, but in 1988!!!  His name is Bask Juan Nugget and LeAnn said she and Mike have both rode him and that he is super well trained. 

Kellie and I then went to Susan's and I got to hug up Sababba.  I loved Susan's new house and I wish I had it!!!  We visited with Sue for quiet awhile but then had to go.

Barry and went out to see the horses later and give them alfalfa.

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