Friday, September 30, 2011

Trimming Sarge and getting ready for the parade

I went out to see the horses around 1:00 PM for a few minutes.  They are so funny.  Here are their stinky faces
I think Biscuit needs a serious tooth brush!!! 

Stinky Stinky Stinky Face!

Biscuit needs to have his teeth cleaned!!!  When I have Doc float his teeth I may see about cleaning them too!!!  Good grief, his teeth are yukky.  Sarge's aren't that yukky!!!

I went back with Barry this afternoon to pull Biscuit up into the arena.  We went out to the pasture and I got Biscuit's halter on.  Barry took his lead rope when he decided to bring up Sarge into the arena.  He walked them both back to the barn.  I got out my trimming tools and wow!  Sarge's back feet were LONG.  I did his front feet last week.  He is not that cooperative about his feet with me.  He doesn't give Craig any fuss but he can be a little bit of a toot with me.  I got them nipped and rasped on the bottom and then got them from the front.  I am concerned where he had had that abscess - it has a nasty blowout on his hoof that is almost to the bottom and I want to keep it rasped so it doesn't cause a problem.  Here are his trimmings....I am getting quicker and better at trimming and faster.  It is hard work and my hat is off to farriers that do this all day every day.  Wow - they must have some seriously strong backs.  My goal is to keep up with both of the horses feet.  It will save me on both approximately $624 per year.  That is a chunk of change. 

 Lee-Ann P told me that I could buy their shots at the feed store and I thought I had to get them at the vet.  I can get their regular shots at the feedstore or Tractor Supply for $27 instead of $50-60 except their rabies shots.  Their rabies shots are due in October so next week I am going to take them for their shots and Biscuit's Coggin's.

I want to save money where I can - I am already giving them their shots myself so buying them cheaper will work for me.  The barn is going to worm them as they can get the wormer cheaper than I can as Lee-Ann P buys it in bulk for the ranch.  I have my Rendaivue software to keep up with shots/worming/Coggins/teethfloating/hoofs, etc.  It really is a neat application that keeps my information current.

Barry worked with Sarge in the arena and I brushed Biscuit's mane and sprayed him with fly spray.  He was covered in flies.  I cleaned off the was filthy and I  didn't do all of that!  The water pressure was low so I got the broom and swept the water off. 

I put Biscuit in the arena when Barry walked Sarge back down to his paddock.  I loaded Biscuit's saddle, saddle pad, and bridle in the Rav4 to put in the trailer so I didn't have to fool with that in the morning.  We got home and I hooked the trailer up and put it on the driveway so I am ready to go to the Winnie Rice Festival Parade tomorrow. 

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