Monday, September 5, 2011

Doing Biscuit's Feet after a wild Goose Chase


Biscuit is strutting his stuff

I went out to the barn today following Barry. He was going riding with Robin, Sharon and John to check out the trails for Saturday's ride. We went down to the pasture and the horses were in their shelter. They took off! Barry caught Sarge easily but Biscuit took off and wouldn't come to me. Barry tried to walk out and get him but he was running from Barry. I tried again but gave up. My knee is not ok with trotting around the pasture!! I went up to the front and talked to Lee Ann B. and then got some treats for Biscuit and went back to the pasture. He gave me the run around for a short while and then let me "catch" him. He was backing up from the halter but then stood still. I gave him treats to make it sweeter. When he was running around in circles I noticed how clean he was (thanks God for the rain!!!!) and how shiny his coat was - all of it. Finally!!!!! It took 10 and a half months but he looked nice!! 

I took him up to the front washrack and I did his front hooves.  They looked like the pits.  Biscuit has some white line issues that I am working with.  His feet were done 19 days ago and OMG they had GROWN.  I nipped the hoof walls, trimmed the frog up, cleared out the little groove at the heel bulb and rasped his feet.  He gave me some flack about it but I got it done without too much static.  He will let me pick them up to clean them but holding them up to "do" his feet is another matter.  He was good though.

Ms Jean came out and we visited.  She said she has had 2 meniscus surgeries and didn't have any restrictions either - do what she wanted when she felt like she could.  I am going to ride next weekend.  I did notice my legs hurting more this weekend but I had quit taking my Mobic and Glucosamine.  I took both of them today and it HELPED.  I will continue taking the Glucosamine for life.  The Mobic for maybe another 6 months.  I will let this knee get better before stopping the anti-inflammatory meds.

Lee Ann and I checked Biscuit's feet over and I think I got them as good as I could today.  I need to do his back feet.  I will be riding him in boots until we get rid of the cracks - and if I never get rid of the cracks due to issues I will ride him in boots forever.

I took him back down to the pasture and turned him out.  He got quiet a few hugs.  Later, I took Mom out to eat and then out to see the horses.  They were way in the back but came up.  Biscuit arrived first and got petted and fussed over til Sarge arrived.  Sarge got all kinds of hugs and kisses - and gave Biscuit the "shove off" face.

Barry came home and he'd rode out on the entire 8 mile ride with the group checking out the trails.  He said it was a great day to ride and he and Sarge had a great time.  I spoke to Kellie about Saturday and we are all excited about it.  Robin said there are 35 possibly 37 riders and up to 40 is possible.  Wow!!!  That is alot of folks for the ACTHA ride here. 


Jacque said...

Biscuit is a pill! I love his personality!

Denise said...

LOL he has loads of personality - just like Tuko!