Monday, September 26, 2011

Trimmed Hooves and a bouncing Biscuit

I went out to the barn today to do Biscuit's feet.  I pulled him up out of the pasture and got all of my gear.  I started with my round knife (that thing is AMAZING) and worked on his frogs, cutting out little pockets of thrush.  It is still there but not like before!!!  I cut the little channels in the back of his hoof so that mud will not pack in his feet.  I trimmed his bars.  Some of them looked like they were ran out in places.   I trimmed up in the corners getting rid of any flakyness.  I did all four without a bit of trouble from The Biscuit.  He was such a little gentleman today.  He only pulled one hoof away from me and that was the last one I did!  I got the cradle attachment to the hoof stand and cupped his hooves into it to start rasping from the bottom.  I did like Lee-Ann P showed me (she said I wasn't being aggressive enough with it and I wasn't) and went around his feet rasping at an angle to start the Mustang Roll.

After doing all four feet I changed the cradle for the knob attachment and stretched his hooves forward to do the Mustang Roll.  I rasped them from the top trying to make sure they were level and shaped correctly.  Treats for The Biscuit for being such a good boy today. 
Still fighting a crack in the back left hoof but it is getting better

Still fighting the cracks, etc. in the front hooves but they are better too.  Hopefully in a few trimmings this will be resolved!!!
After trimming Biscuit I put him in the arena and he was fine until he was jacking around the Nebi who was being groomed.  I told Amanda (she is a friend of Allison's visiting from Pennsylvania) to move Nebi to the wash rack.  I got out my saddle to condition it and spiff it up for the parade ride.  Biscuit started galloping around the arena like he was a 2 year old!!!  He was so funny!!  I took this video of him galloping around

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