Friday, September 2, 2011

Biscuit is a Pill

Sarge is looking so much better!

Biscuit is a big boy!!!

His back is very broad!!!

I stopped at the ranch today and visited with the LeAnns. LeAnn P had cut her hair - well, Lee Ann B really cut her hair but is darling!!! She said she was going to go grey - Lee Ann B did and what the heck...I think I may too!!!

We went down the ranch road in the Rav and LeAnn said they are going to plant 2 trees in each paddock! Woot! Tallow Trees grow so fast so hopefully within 2 years they will give the horses some real shade. One will be near the shelter which will help keep it cooler in the summer and one somewhere else in the paddock. I think that is an excellent idea and will be good for my horses.

We got out and looked at Biscuit's feet and LeAnn said they'd be fine as I am not riding him. Gaaa! To me they look like the PITS. I did them two weeks ago Wednesday.

Edgar and Jamie had repaired the water line in the boys paddock. They were going to move the horses so they wouldn't get hurt during the repair. They had no problem catching Sarge but Biscuit ran from them! I was surprised. LeAnn said they tried and tried to catch him and Biscuit would have none of it and just kept running from them. They went up to the barn and told LeAnn and she said Biscuit was a sweetie and went down to the pasture. LOL She said Edgar wasn't a happy camper when she just walked up to him and put his halter on!!!

She told Edgar that Biscuit had been very harshly treated by a trainer and even though he sees Edgar and Jamie all the time he has never been handled by them.

Poor Biscuit...he was in self preservation mode...he wasn't going anywhere with someone who might take him off of Horsey Paradise!!!

Barry and I went back out to the barn this evening after going out to dinner and a short trip to the beach. Biscuit looks like a muffin with a little too much baking powder! He is HUGE. God love him...I gave him 4 treats which he loves. He really is a sweet horse.

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