Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Longeing the Biscuit

I brought Biscuit up around 12:30 today.  I thought he looked a little tenderfooted from having his hooves done yesterday. 

I sat and talked to LeAnn P. and Allison about Sababba.  I understand that Sue maybe interested in selling her.  I questioned her about Sababba and whether she thought we would make a good match.  I like Biscuit but he isn't a finished horse.  I think I could handle Sababba with no problems.  We kicked it back and forth and if I could afford 3 horses she'd be mine is Sue would sell.

I would like to ride Sababba and my reasons for wanting her is that I think I could do more with her than with Biscuit.  I could do low level endurance rides but that may just be a pipe dream of mine.  Barry could run endurance on her. 

LeAnn, Allison and I put Biscuit in the arena to free longe him.  He did pretty good at first and then we got him to canter - well, Biscuit being Biscuit - it was galloping.  He clonked his fetlocks on the rails a couple of times.  He runs into the corners and good grief, you could bust his butt and he will just stand there.  I was in a corner trying to keep him going.  Allison said "wow, never seen a horse that would just stand there when you are waving your arms and advancing towards them".  Biscuit is a little odd duck that way.  He konked his fetlocks and looked like he was limping.  Sigh.  Poor baby...he is hard headed and we worked him into a good sweat.

I hosed him off until he was cook and scraped him.  I took him back down to his paddock and he was moving slow.  He may be a little sore from being longed two days in a row after laying off for a month.  I had to run pick Barry up at Philpott's and I returned and gave Biscuit a little hit of Bute be cause he seemed a little sore. 

Hoping he is fine for Ebenezer.  If not, I won't be riding.    : - (

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