Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Working with The Biscuit on feet and longeing

I went out to the barn today and brought up The Biscuit.  Julia, LeAnn and Ms. Jean were at the barn.  Biscuit's feet looked like the pits so I go out my farrier tools and nipped his back hooves.  He was pretty good about it.  His frogs look good but his hooves look like DOO DOO. 

I hadn't started on the rasping on the top of the backs when LeAnn came and we talked about his hooves.  She doesn't think I am being aggressive enough with my mustang rolls.  She got after Biscuit's feet and I nipped some on the fronts too.  I had trimmed his frogs prior to the Mustang Rolls so his feet are looking better.  I think it is going to take awhile for good nutrition to grown really good hooves.  His frogs are looking great - getting rid of that freaking thrush.  One still has a center sulcus crease but it is getting better too.  I did his front right hoof and LeAnn working on the front left bottom.  I did the top.  I need to get better at the mustang roll!!!!  So I practiced with LeAnn's watchful eye.  

Darolyn Butler is trying to get a Barefoot Trim class going for next month and if she does I will do my best to go.  I need to learn more so I can do my best for The Biscuit and eventually Sarge. 

I hosed Biscuit off - he was dusty but not filthy.  I watched Ms. Jean work with Shalom and Julia in the arena.  Shalom can lope so slow she makes Sarge look like he is racing.  Shalom has had some issues with Julia - she is throwing in little bucks on Julia.  Julia and I talked about the horses and what we want from our horses. 

I got Biscuit in the arena and longed him.  He didn't want to go in the direction I was sending him but we finally got it going.  I longed him both ways and got him to canter some but not enough.  I longed him 22 minutes and I was getting tired.  It was hot today and I had already trimmed hooves which is HARD work.  I can't run after Biscuit too much either!  He did pretty darn good and was listening to me.  He is a good boy.  He spooked up on the washrack today when the hose touched his butt.  Poor guy...He gets scared when something like that happens. 

I hosed him off again and by this time I was super hot even though I had my Kool Vest on.  I wet it again but I felt sick to my stomach from the heat.  I put my stuff up and took Biscuit down to his paddock.  He was well behaved today and I will be going out tomorrow to longe him again and I may ride him tomorrow in the area or I may wait til Barry comes out in the evening.  We are going up to Ebenezer Friday around 10:30 AM and hopefully will ride Friday afternoon.  I am ready to get back to my riding. 

Kellie and Randy dropped by for a visit and I really enjoyed their visit.  Elan hurt his eye the other day and Kellie will find out if they can go this weekend tomorrow!!!  I hope they do go...it won't be as much fun without them.  We are planning to grill Saturday night and I am going to take Shish Kabobs. 

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