Sunday, September 4, 2011

I am missing my trail rides!

It has been three weeks (well Monday but what the heck!!) since Biscuit and I last rode the trails. I am impatient to be back in the saddle with Happy Trails to report! Barry went out to the barn yesterday to ride Sarge and he rode down to the back of the ranch and when he came back Biscuit was running up and down the fence and putting on a show for him.

My knee is better but not totally pain free. I haven't been pain free in my knee since last September so I am not expecting to be pain free before I ride. Yesterday I did have to go grocery shopping and that was way too much. OMG my leg was HURTING. I iced it. Today it has been ok but had a few twinges that were sharp!! I put on low wedge shoes to go to Frankie's party and my knee let me know RIGHT THEN that that wasn't going to work! I have worn my cowboy boots since the surgery but heels are OUT. LOL Kellie, Randy and Barry are ganging up on me about riding next weekend. Randy said I couldn't ride because if I hurt myself I wouldn't be able to ride at Ebenezer with him the following week....yeah, that would bite!!! I will have to see how I do this week. I do have cakes to do Friday and will be on my feet quiet a bit so I will have to decide what is best for me.

It is supposed to be raining tomorrow so I don't know if I will be able to go out and see Biscuit. It has been raining all day which is wonderful. The wind has been gusting over 35 mph today. It has rained a nice slow steady rain that will soak in, which we so desperately need.

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