Thursday, September 22, 2011

Grooming and Photography

Pretty Buns!!!
Ms. Jean arranged to have a professional photographer come out to the barn today. I go out to the barn and pulled Biscuit up. I gave him a bath and scrubbed his mane and tail. Ms. Jean had scrubbed Mi Ti and her tail was so white. She said to wash it with Palmolive so I scrubbed him up with Palmolive. Then she said to put Oxyclean on his tail so I did that and finished with the purple shampoo. I just used the Palmolive and the purple shampoo on his mane. I scrubbed him up and and washed his face. He was a little resistant to the towel in his face at first but he relaxed and let me scrub his face. I put the last of my Cowboy Magic in his mane and tail and brushed him good. When he was dry I put him in a stall next to Legato. I left the barn and went to get lunch.

I actually met up with mom and my sisters at a local restaurant on their patio and visited. I left there and went to the feed store and got a new halter, lead rope and Show Sheen for the boys. I went to the house to get a clean shirt and my makeup and hair stuff and returned to the barn.

I pulled Sarge up to the wash rack and soaked him down. I scrubbed him up with Baby Magic Shampoo!!! I hosed his feet to clean them. OMG they look TERRIBLE and they were done about 5 1/2 weeks ago. I got my nippers and nipped his feet. I used my circle knife to pull down the bars and pulled his heels down. He was fussy about it and tried to pull his feet away. I popped him with the rasp on the gut. LOL he was shocked. Sarge doesn't like to be spanked!!! Too bad. I told him to stand still and I meant it. I rasped his feet too and put a mustang roll on the fronts. I will have to do the back ones tomorrow. He was as cranky to do as Biscuit in some ways. I think Sarge is a male chauvinist pig!!!

I brushed his mane and put the Show Sheen on him. I oiled his hooves and his mouth and nose area and around his eyes. He looked pretty darn cute. MiTi's owner arrived and I had never met her. Very nice lady. I told her MiTi was a doll and she needed to give her to me! LOL The photographer arrived and Ms. Jean and Lee-Ann P (I found out the LeAnn's spell their names the same but Lee-Ann P has a hyphen in her name! The things you learn at the barn!!!) worked with Lamontie and Azziza in the arena. Azziza is a super nice little 2 year old filly. Barry arrived and I went into the bathroom and washed my hair (that was a chore in that little TINY sink!!!) and blow dried it and put on make up so I could take some pictures with the horses without looking like dammit. I got Biscuit out of his stall and took him over to the wash rack. He had pooped so I had to clean his legs. He pooped on the wash rack AGAIN so I had to clean his legs AGAIN. I put oil on his hooves and face. He looked so pretty!!

We did Sarge first as I wanted "at liberty" pictures of Sarge. He got in the arena and he started running in a circle and didn't really listen to Barry. Barry was trying to get him to collect up! LOL He just kept going - charging around like a wild man. It took a while to calm him down. I think she was able to get some nice pictures of him - I did!!! I told Lyne that Sarge is kinda of a plain bay horse just standing there but his real beauty comes out when he is moving. She said he was that kind of bay that had the metallic sheen to his coat which he does.
Sargent looking like a million bucks
Do I have to do what Barry says?  Sarge sometimes thinks "no, I don't think I do!!"
Biscuit on the move
Blonde Ambition

I then started getting Biscuit ready. We took some head shots by the back side of the stallion barn. Biscuit cooperated pretty much - he is a good boy. We then took him into the arena for some liberty pictures. He ran around with a little encouragement - not quiet like Sarge did but he looked really pretty - he will flag his tail in a heartbeat! I then caught him and made him stand in a certain position so she could get some shots of him with the clouds behind him. His face was sweaty by then and I think they will look terrific!! I can't wait to see them. Lee-Ann P went after us but I didn't get to see her shots. She took some farrier shots!!! Wow wee, I didn't even think to do that! I can't wait to see her pictures!! I wiped all of the oil off of the boys faces - Biscuit wasn't too thrilled but he had to suck up on that. I didn't want his face to burn tomorrow in the sun! Barry walked them down to their pasture and I followed. I snapped this picture

Sarge having his portrait taken!!!

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