Sunday, September 11, 2011

ACTHA Ride and Sissy Girl

Chase on The Biscuit

Robin on The Biscuit

Russell, far left and Kellie and Eli on Elan

Biscuit is ready to go

Oh Oh...I am in trouble and not going anywhere now!
Friesan Stallion

Safety Riders pulling up the rear
The ACTHA ride was yesterday and we all had a great time. I hadn't sleep but maybe 1 hour because I was working on my wedding cake and it had to be through so I could go to the ride. I got up and left after Barry. I was driving the Tundra and went to the barn and got feed for the horses. I went down to the pasture and had no problem loading them up!

I hauled to the park and went into the back and pulled in next to Kellie. I unloaded the boys and groomed them. I cleaned hooves and put Biscuit's boots on. I visited with Kellie, Randy, the LeAnns and Kenny. James and Beverly pulled in beside me. Later James helped me tack Sarge up for Barry. He is always such a sweetheart to me. Chase was there with Kellie and Randy.

I saddled Biscuit up and thank God Kellie had her steps. Chase held him for me but Biscuit was really good. Kellie and I walked the horses around and Biscuit was behaving and I was having a good time. Barry left with James and Kellie and I went around to the front and into the woods. We went to the right and I was relaxed and having fun. LOL that didn't last long. We came upon Randy on the 4 wheeler and Biscuit started prancing/backing up. I do not ride well when I am tired and I get nervous and tense. We turned around when riders came up behind us - they were going the wrong way. We went along and Biscuit was a little excited as he hadn't been rode and that made me nervous. I didn't want to come off of him and hurt my freaking knee. I wish I were the rider I used to be but I am not. I think if I could have ridden all around the woods at a jog first it would have been ok. Biscuit was tossing his head and not wanting to listen. I got off and walked him out. Sissy girl instead of Alfalfa Girl!

I let Chase get on him and Biscuit was backing up backing up and I told Chase to drop his reins and loosen them on his mouth. Biscuit and he went with Kellie but returned as Biscuit wasn't listening to him. Kenny got on Biscuit and rode him a little while and told Chase he was just a little nervous as he hadn't been ridden. Chase tried again and went off but we saw him coming back and he said he tried to canter him and yep!!! The Biscuit went into a gallop. Robin got on him and Biscuit was going sideways. She rode him into the woods and later here she comes and said "is he hurting? I have never seen him act this way!" LOL I said he is not the horse you used to ride!!! He has gained 250 to 300 lbs and is full of beans!" Biscuit then was tied up with his saddle on - he drank a bucket of water and I just visited with everyone.

The ride had about 40 riders and was extremely successful. Everyone had a great time - no accidents - no incidents of problems...just fun for everyone. There was 27 trailers there and probably 45 horses. Lots of activity but no one was acting up and no drama which made it just good clean fun for everyone. Robin did a great job and another one is planned for the spring. Hopefully I will not have a cake that weekend and I will not be tired.

As for Biscuit - the boy has been laid off too long. We are going to Ebenezer next weekend and so Biscuit is going to be longed and rode everyday starting Monday. He needs to listen to me and he will. He is a good boy and I won't be tired then either. I got my cake delivered on time and Barry drove home from Orange where it was delivered. I was too exhausted to drive. Doing cakes is hard work - but they make it possible for me to keep my horses!

Robin adding a first aid kit to Barry's saddle bags
Through Biscuit's ears
Chase on The Biscuit - look how shiny he is (The Biscuit - not Chase)
Trailers all around at Tyrrell Park - I counted 27

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