Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lee-Ann P and I got for a ride with the Garmins

Working with Garmins in Tyrrell Park

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On Thursday Lee-Ann P and I planned a ride to test out her new Garmin.  I was going to haul the Brenderup.  For the first time I had to give up getting it on the ball of my car.  I was sweating like a pig and pretty annoyed.  I need a cement pad so it is level.  We decided to take the ranch trailer.

I drove out to the barn and brought Biscuit up.  Loaded my stuff in the trailer and then we loaded the horses.  We drove out to Tyrrell Park and saddled up.  Biscuit was still pretty clean from the day before so just a quick brush (his mane looks so pretty!!!)  and I mounted up.  I then got off - saddle wasn't tight enough.  We started towards the woods and Biscuit stopped.  He didn't want to go forward.  Legato started throwing a little tizzy fit and Lee-Ann P got off to check her saddle.  Got back on and off we go for a short while.  Tizzy fit - Lee-Ann P gets off and walks her into the woods and remounts.  Princess Legato was a little spooky and on edge.  We walked the entire woods first...birds flew up at the back down by the canal and Biscuit lifted his head a little but that was it.

After the first round we set into a jog.  Biscuit goes back and forth on the trail and Lee-Ann P. said to guide him over with leg pressure.  He did a great job for the most part.  He collected up, kept his pace and just did a fantastic job.  There was a little trail that looked like someone had gone down it with a four wheeler.  I need to ask Kenny if he did that.   Someone went down a path on the Cattail Marsh side so that would be great if Kenny started a new trail.  I think Lee-Ann put a waypoint on the track.

We went down the little tiny trail - I showed her the LIMBO branch and I was able to lift it up and get Biscuit to go under it.  Lee-Ann P. got off and pulled the branch down which is terrific!!!  We were going to go down the little walking trail but their was rebar coming out of the top of the landscaping timbers so we got out of there!!!

We only went around twice as I had a cake consult.  We hauled back to the barn and unloaded tack and took the horses down on the Gater. 

The ride was a BLAST.  We are hoping to go a few times next week after Lee-Ann gets off of work.  It will get Biscuit fit.  He lost some weight this weekend which was great.  He was pretty darn fluffy.  Heck, I might lose a pound or two!!! 

I would love to ride Biscuit in some Limited Distance rides while Lee-Ann P does the Endurance rides.  But to do that, I need to get Biscuit in shape which means riding him more than 2 times a week and I need to lose weight and be in better shape!!  What fun that would be!!! 

Biscuit's feet are looking better - his frogs are looking good.  I will be doing both horses feet Monday.  I have to haul Biscuit to Doc's to get a Coggins.  His Coggins is due on the 10th of October. 

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