Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hoping to ride Saturday at the ACTHA ride!!

I miss riding!!! My knee has been aching some - I told Barry the other day my legs felt stiff but I felt they were stiff because I wasn't doing anything. I was told to keep off of them as much as possible and that walking/weight bearing keep them from healing. I know if I am on them too much my knee starts having shooting pains. So I sit alot in my recliner with my legs up. Sigh.... I went to the barn to pay the board today and spoke with LeAnn P and Allison. They were doctoring Masterpiece's leg that was stocked up. He is a good sized boy and OMG is he beautiful. Seems really on edge though like he is walking on eggshells. Not a relaxed fellow but he is sweet. I went down to the pasture to see my boys. I hugged Sarge up and petted Biscuit. Sarge kept giving him the shove off face and Biscuit obeys! They both look fantastic. Biscuit is shiny which thrills me because it has taken so long to get him that way. I have had him 10 and a half months. Sarge is shiny too and I couldn't be more thrilled. He looks fantastic. I think we have the worms on the run. I went home and I talked to Kellie about the ACTHA ride. She is getting the shirts made. I told her I wasn't sure I was riding and she said she thought it would do my legs good. When she had surgery on her knees they did all kinds of therapy and was surprised they didn't recommend it to me. I am going to go ahead and take Biscuit out there and ride with Kellie for awhile and if my legs are bothering me I will haul him back to the ranch. If I have time tomorrow I will go out and lunge him. Probably after I get the cakes baked when they are cooling off. Kellie said she feels like Lady Dollar is improving. She was tearing around the pasture this week and didn't miss a step. Maybe next spring they can ride her. That would be wonderful. She is a big, strong horse and if she could go on light rides that would be terrific! I went back out to the barn to see them around 7:30. It was late and almost dark but it was nice to pet them. They make me feel better!!!

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