Monday, September 26, 2011

Riding down a new trail to discoveries!!!

We found a new trail in Tyrrell Park!

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I went riding with Sue and Kellie today. Sue was riding Dulce for the first time in about a year and a half. Doc said she could ride providing it was no more than 2 miles, walking or a little trotting on grass. I got up and got ready and hauled out to the barn. I had to load the tack in the trailer and then get Biscuit. He loaded right up. I got to the park first and groomed Biscuit. Kellie arrived and I moved my trailer up to let her pull in behind me.Phil came over to visit and I said that I had lost my purple crop and I had looked all over for it. Phil went back to the church and a little later came back with my crop! Kenny's daughter's had it - they found it somewhere around there. I must have dropped it at the ACTHA ride. I was thrilled to get it back!!!!Kenny arrived and we talked about the parade next week. I can't wait to go!!!We saddled up and met Sue on the other side of the park. Dulce was so excited to see Elan - she started squirting and swishing her tail and OMG she was slinging horse pee EVERYWHERE!!!! We rode in the back of the golf course. They were using a big backhoe kinda thing and the horses were a little put off by it. We went down and a few times the horses would stop and Biscuit backed up. I popped him with my crop and he went forward. We got to the corner and went down a little and turned around to come back.

Biscuit is ok after his adventures
Biscuit hopped up like a goober to take off - but he listened when I said no. He wanted to GO. We went back to the center of the park where Sue was parked and she was going to come over to where we were at to get something from Kellie. We walked over to the stables and Sue came over and she was so thrilled to be riding again. Kellie and I went into the woods. We walked all the way around to the little off shoot trail and went down it. We back tracked to the trail Lee-Ann P and I saw last week that looked like someone ran a 4 wheeler down it. Kellie and I took off down the trail. I think it was a truck that went down the trail- not a 4 wheeler. We rode until I could see a fence and then lo and behold!!! two picnic tables!!! Looks like the city is uncovering a long lost trail. How cool is that? I could hear a truck coming down the Cattail Marsh road but couldn't see it as the trees were too thick. We jogged quiet a ways today and Biscuit did a good job. We got back to the trailer and untacked the horses. I cleaned Biscuit's feet and gave both horses some treats. We took them over to the hose to wash them off. Kellie asked me about getting Elan to drop like I did Red. I washed Biscuit and took him around and tied him to the hitching post with just enough slack so he could nibble some grass. I showed Kel where I would scratch Red to make him drop! LOL good thing no one saw us. I told her I had started by just brushing my hand against Sarge and Biscuit's sheaths so they would get used to someone touching them there. I sprayed a little water in Elan's sheath after gently touching him and he was fine with it. Gaaa!!! He is a dirty boy...full of black junk. All of a sudden, Biscuit is pulling back and spooking and his lead rope is wrapped around his fetlock. I nearly had a stroke. He had pulled the leadrope tight where I couldn't just pull and release. I told him whoaaa whoaaa easy and he stopped pulling and stood there like a good boy til I undid his rope. OMG that horse is just amazing. He is such a sweetheart. I gave them both treats again and a bite of alfalfa. Kellie and I visited and later we decided we'd ride out there and have a picnic next weekend. Can't wait to go again!

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