Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Legato rides in The Brenderup

Riding in Circles at Tyrrell

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 Lee-Ann P and I planned a ride to Tyrrell Park for Tuesday at 1:00 PM.  I went out to hook up the Brenderup and had a bunch of trouble getting it on the ball again.  Gaaaa!!!  That really cranks me out of shape.  I had parked it on the washout by the road so I could get it on the ball easier.  I was having a hard time pulling the handle up.  I don't know if it needs to be greased or not but something has to be done or someone is going to have a COW.  More on that later.

I got the trailer hitched FINALLY and had sweat rolling down my face (ICK!!!) and off I went.  I got to the barn and Lee-Ann P was getting Legato and Amirasong across the road.  Well, Amirasong was supposed to go in the equipment barn paddock and Legato was standing by the fence.  Equipment barn gates wouldn't close, Amirasong is trying to get out, Lee-Ann P is waving her arms at her to back her up and Legato gets away from the fence on the other side and is off and running -  leadrope flapping in the wind and whipping around.  She is running all over the place, Lee-Ann P is trying to contain Amirasong so I got out of the car and walked towards the running Legato who runs to a clump of grass to eat.  I picked up her lead rope and that was it.  She is a good girl...full of beans and loads of energy to run off.  LOL  I handed her to Lee-Ann and went down to get Biscuit.  He was out in the pasture and so I had to walk out there but he was no problem.  I had treats.  I gave Sarge 2...but on the ground.  He didn't seem to understand to get it off the ground but Barry has a fit if you hand feed Sargent treats as the Sarge can be a little pushy about treats.  He reminds me of a 3 year old child after candy.

Biscuit loaded right up and I hauled to the front and lowered the ramp.  Lee-Ann was lounging Legato.  I put my tack in and then Lee-Ann put her tack in.  Now, the moment of truth: getting Legato to go up the ramp and into the trailer!!  She walked on the ramp and stood there.  Lee-Ann finally had to walk her in but she was as calm and cool as a cucumber about it and hey!!!  There was some hay in there!!!   Wow!!  Legato said this was her kind of ride!

We took off and got to the park and Biscuit was SO minding his own business.  I think Legato told him that while it may be HIS trailer, she was the GUEST and he had better mind his P's and Q's or she'd let him have it.  LOL Biscuit is generally annoying Sarge where ever we are going!

Biscuit and Legato
We tacked up and I had my little stool to mount on so we were set.  Except my girth was too loose.  Biscuit has lost weight since I started re-riding and I have also adjusted the girth on the other side.  I had to get of and on 3 times to get it right and then off we went.  We went around the woods and Biscuit kept tripping some or cripping up.  I got off to check his feet for a rock and found nothing.  I told Lee-Ann this was the moment of truth.  Could I get on from the flat without a struggle or hurting my leg!!  It was FLAT where I was at and I looked around for a high/low spot or log in case this didn't work out...there was NOTHING so I thought I had better get my butt into the saddle!!   I put my foot into the stirrup, held the reins and pulled up and onto the saddle with absolutely NO problem or pain.  Woot!!!!  Woot!!!!  for Dr. Hayes and my uncranky knee.  How fabulous is that?

I took Lee-Ann down the "new" trail to see the picnic tables.  What fun!  It is going to be a great place to picnic.  It is still pretty rough back there but that is ok.  I like that!!!

We went a little ways looking for places that MIGHT have been a former trail.  We found on and tried to go through the woods....LOL  we went about 35 feet or so and had to turn around.   Biscuit and Legato thought we had lost our minds.   But hey, isn't that what trail riding is all about - sometimes blazing trails.  We went around the woods and down the little trail and came out by Cattail Marsh.

We went in and on the rocks and Biscuit is seriously tenderfooted over that kind of chunky rocks.  I have been riding him all summer in his hoof boots and just on the last rides since  my surgery have taken them off.  We went over to the side and then through the little chunky concrete barriers.  Down the little dip where I had gone with Kellie and Elan but this time we could see better and it wasn't wet.  We went to the right instead of the left and it worked out just fine.  Up the little embankment that was probably 3 foot high almost straight up.  We walked all the way down to Willow Bayou.  The woods looked so nice!  It was dry in there and you could see a dry creek bed or run off area and pig trails.  It would be so nice to have trails in there!!!!

I scrapbooked this picture of The Biscuit and me. 
We got to the corner and I stopped and took pictures because it was so pretty.  The marsh was gorgeous.  It was such a pleasant place to be at that time.  Biscuit wasn't too happy about having to go over the rocks but he went.  He is a good boy.

We came down the side of Willow Bayou and it was so pretty - a little warm in the sun but nice all the same.  We went into the woods and to the right.  We started a jog and kept going.  We jogged almost to the front.  We called it a day then.  We took their tack off and rinsed the horses off.  I passed out treats to them because they had both been terrific.  We loaded up and headed back.  We stopped to get a coke, a REAL Coke! for Lee-Ann.  At the barn, I hauled to Legato's paddock and we unloaded The Princess and then hauled to Biscuit's and we put him up.

Back at the barn we brushed out the trailer and unloaded the tack and I dropped Lee-Ann off at her car!  Easy Peasy.  We are going again next week and I can't wait.

I used my trip computer on this ride - that is pretty neat.  Learning more and more about the Garmin and it is fun.  This ride was right at 5 miles.  Biscuit and I have about 319 miles for 2011 and more than 400 since I first rode him.  Wow!  That is quiet a few miles.  Going to try to hit 400 miles for the year and I know we can do it.  That will give me more than 500 miles for the year. 

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