Thursday, March 8, 2012

Horseback riding is good for you!!

Saw this article today - how true it is.  Horseback riding and simply owning a horse is a big stress reliever.  I am way more active than I used to be and get more sun. 

Why Horseback Riding Makes Women Happy

Having horses is a great stress reliever for me.  I love to go out to the barn and brush Biscuit.  Just being around him is fun.  He is my entertainment, recreation, stress reliever and exercise unit all rolled into one.

I have always loved horses - I can't remember not loving horses.   There is nothing like the smell of them, the trust in their eyes for "their" person.  It has been gratifying to see the change in Biscuit.  He was scared little fellow when I got him...terrified of being hugged.  Now he leans into me for a hug.  He comes to me from out in the pasture when he sees my Rav4 coming down the ranch road.

Sarge is as sweet of a horse as there has ever been - and one that is well trained with a "let's do it attitude".  The horses have been so much fun for me and Barry.  I wouldn't trade them for anything!!!

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