Sunday, March 4, 2012

Riding the Bayou

Lee-Ann B and I went riding at Tyrrell Park today.  We loaded up around noon.  We decided to park near Cattail Marsh since riding in the woods is iffy.   We tacked up the horses and rode into Cattail and good grief, the little gate was locked.  Biscuit was barefoot and ouchie over the rocks.  We walked to the end of the fence but decided it was too wet to go through there.  We went back to the trailer and around into the woods at the little trail.  It wasn't too wet at all.  It had some wet spots but that was it.  Got to the big trail and OMG the mosquitoes were horrible.  We went a little ways down the trail through loads of mud and water.  We decided to go back and possibly ride at the barn. 

Then I remembered I had the code to the cantilever gate!!!  We got to the trailer and I dismounted and walked over there to make sure it would work - Biscuit didn't need to walk on rocks if he didn't have to.  It worked and we made it through the gate and decided on the way back one of us would get off at the end of the fence and walk around to open the gate. 

There was a huge Catepillar Drag Line right there by the gate and Biscuit said "let the black horse go first - he's younger and more tender".  What a sissy.  He followed Rogue with no problems.  We went down to the bayou and it was good solid ground.  We did some trotting.  Crossed the bridge and I got off and cleaned Biscuit's hooves.  A city worker came across the bride in a truck.  We encountered him on the right side later.  We rode all the way around doing some trotting.  Biscuit was a doll today.  What a good boy he is.  Collecting up and jogging SLOW.  I was riding in Barry's saddle. 

I forgot my watch so even though Biscuit had the heart monitor on I had no way to read it.  I forgot my Contour camera too.  What a dippy doodle.  We saw a few snake skins. snakes or alligators though.  Spring is springing out there and we are so excited about riding...might be time to whip out the yarmulkes and cool vests.  It was ok today without them but it won't be long and it will be HOT.  We got back to the gate and someone opened it for us.  We took their tack off and some little boys wanted to pet the horses - that is so sweet. 

We loaded them up and hauled back to the barn.  I fed Biscuit in the trailer and Lee-Ann brought him a carrot.  He likes those! 

We want to go to Big Sandy next Monday.  Hopefully we can do that.  We can haul up early in the morning. 

Brandy has to move the baby's birthday party so I think we are going to wait and leave for Ebenezer on a Monday instead of a Saturday and stay through the following Sunday instead of returning Friday.  Woot.  Going to change reservations tomorrow.  That gives me one extra day!  YAY! 

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