Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Got to go riding again!!!!

Lee-Ann B and I got to take another ride on Monday!!!  I hooked up the trailer and hauled out to Biscuit's pasture.  He saw the trailer and headed for the back of the paddock.  He trotted around a little but when I came up to him he stopped and let me put his halter on.  What a sweet boy!!!

We loaded up the tack and the horses and took off.  We got out to Cattail Marsh area and unloaded and tacked up.  The gate was locked but we pushed the code and made it through the gate easily.  We went down the bayou and across the bridge.  Biscuit led the way across the bridge.  Sometimes he can be such a toot about not leading but he was good today.  We crossed the bridge and I got off and checked his hooves.  We mounted up and went across the little land bridge and around the hairpin turn.  When we got to the other side of the hairpin turn a big buzzard was in the trees to the left of us.  He was down low and flopped his way up to the top make a huge racket.  Rogue spooked to the right and Biscuit did a little spook to the right and I was thrilled that my butt was still in the saddle.

We started a slow trot and Biscuit wanted to be behind Rogue and I had a little fight with him over where we were going to be on the trail.  I won - but he gave me a run for the money!  We went down the bayou and it there was a little breeze blowing.  It was so nice outside!!  We went by the little boggy pond area and there were 5 little foot long gators in the water!!!!  Didn't see any big gators there thank God.  We went down to the other side - didn't go through the woods cut out like we did yesterday...we went through the big pass through - it had been too wet yesterday and less so today.  We started jogging and jogged all the way to the just past the land bridge!!!  Biscuit was a doll!  We crossed the bridge and went down the bayou and saw a bigger gator.  Biscuit stumbled a few times and I got off half way up Willow Bayou to check his feet.  No rocks - don't know what he was stumbling on.  I decided to try to mount from the flat.  Put my foot in the stirrup and Biscuit tried to walk off.  I fussed and he stopped when I pulled the reins.  I started again with foot in stirrup and he walked off again.  Ok...NOT!!  A pop on the shoulder and a "STAND STILL" command and he did.  I was able to mount fairly easily from the flat.

We took off again and headed for the gates.  I dismounted at the start of the fence and Lee-Ann led the horses to the Caterpillar dragline.  It was too wide to walk two horses side by side.  I skirted around the fence and across the parking lot.  I punched the code and was able to get to the horses and  pull them through before the gate started closing.   

We rode 6.3 miles today.  We had a great time.  We took their tack off and loaded them up.  We got back to the barn before Jamie fed them.  Lee-Ann brought Biscuit a carrot - he loves those!!! 

Hopefully going to ride at the ranch Tuesday.  I was able to change our reservations for our trip to Ebenezer.  Got in one extra day that way.  I can't wait to go.  I want to ride all day if possible.  Going to take a lunch and eat on the trail - Woot!!! 

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