Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mudding with The Biscuit and Sarge

Barry and I went up to Ebenezer on Sunday.  He got there before me because I had to go load up at the barn.  Devin helped me load up hay and feed.  I got the horses in the trailer and took off.  I drove at 50-55 mph - got pretty good gas mileage going up there.  It is easier to haul both horses as the load is balanced.

I was pretty darn tired from doing wedding cakes when I got there.  We visited with Kent, Melody, Kellie and Randy.  We did go look at the Double Heart Ranch - I want to go ride from there.  The trails are pretty nice from that area.

We cooked out Sunday night and shared a meal together which was nice.  I brought chicken wings and seasoned rice, Randy made jerk chicken and grilled pineapples.  It was just good!!!!

We all got together in the travel trailer and visited.   Lol we had a blast.

Sunday morning we ate breakfast and visited and then saddled up.  I could tell when I first started out that I was tired.  We headed for the beaver pond and got about a mile and a half and Kellie and Randy turned back.  They had been riding all weekend and Elan's back had been a little sore.

We kept going.  We went around the beaver pond and Biscuit wouldn't walk in the water the same as in January.  Barry had gone around into the trees and it was mushy.  Biscuit was spazzing out and I had to get after him and pull him to a stop and turn him to keep him from knocking my knees off on the trees.  Gaaa!  We got behind the beaver pond and it was mush in places.  When Sarge sunk down to his fetlocks in one place Biscuit quickly moved to the other side.  He is a smart cookie.  He didn't spazz too bad over the mushy places.

He powered through the mud in a few places....he walks through streams like a pro and acts like a little water puddle is an ocean and mud is quick sand.

We went down the little road and crossed onto the other side and away we went.  Gorgeous dogwoods were in bloom and we saw a huge turkey running across the trail - he was fat as could be and colorful as all get out.

We went through water and Biscuit was a pro - he did a great job.  We came upon some kind of weird looking trap that we still haven't figured out what they were going after!!!

Biscuit drank well on the trail which is always a good thing.  He was alert and forward moving.  We got to the 4 way trail and went to the right because Barry wanted to circle back and not go on the same trail...ugh... We went along the top line with no problem...Biscuit hit a 2 stride canter and I pulled him cantering in a place I am not familiar with.

We stayed up fairly high but came to a part where Biscuit and Sarge bogged down.  Kent did some but he was lower than us and didn't hit the bog - go figure!!  Good gracious - Biscuit was galloping in place but he didn't freak out.  Neither did I - I just grabbed hold of his mane and tried to stay centered in the saddle.   We hit some smaller soft spots but nothing to horrible.  It did give them a work out though.  We crossed some streams and had to turn back several times.  We were using the compass to get back to the trail.    We went back down the trail and got back to the road and went another way and then decided that didn't work.  Went back to the high line and followed it literally to a lake and I know we were just south of the beaver pond according to the Garmin.  That is the place that Ray had said to be careful of that you would be swimming in a flash.  We tried a trail to the right but it got boggy and we turned back.  Down the road to find the original trail but Kent turned on one before that.  I thought it looked different but it is the different looking at this time of the year.  It wasn't the right one.  Biscuit had just followed Scout.  We got back to the road and kept going and I was behind Kent.  I should have been leading.  I looked at the Garmin and Barry wanted to go further and I said is south of here.  I turned Biscuit around and he found the trail and willingly went down it and he wouldn't have had it not been the right trail home.  LOL  and my Garmin beeped as it found a waypoint.  Biscuit and I went a ways and Barry and Kent were still on the road.  I hollered for them to follow me.

Biscuit and I waited for them to follow.  They caught up with us and we led for a while and then Biscuit pulled himself off the trail so Sarge could pass!!!  He is so funny.  Sarge is his "leader".  We hit some soft ankle deep places but that was it.

We got on the other side of the beaver pond and there was the spot across the "lake" that we had been standing at!!!  Will try to go that way in the summer if it is dry.  We saw deer on the way back.

We got to the curve of the road where we can see the little road coming in from Hwy 225.  Kent and Barry decided to go by the road...I was staying on the trail.  Biscuit fussed a little but he kept going.  Later I heard Barry behind me.  He said he knew I was tired and my horse was tired.  LOL  I said "News for you...neither I nor my horse are tired."  I put Biscuit in a jog and jogged all the way back to the camp.

Kellie and Randy had packed up and left.  Kent got in and said he'd talked to them and bad weather was coming.  I washed Biscuit off - he was a mudpie.   I tied him to the trailer and gave him his hay bag.  Sarge was washed and given his hay while they both dried.

I started dinner.  It was nice to look out the window and see the horses.  Barry had to run to WalMart.  I fed the horses but Sarge only ate half of his dinner.  He was so tired...poor guy!!  I got dinner cooked but not tender when Margaret called and said high winds for the next day.

Long and short of it...we packed up and left.  I was worried about Sarge but he was fine when we got home.

Every time I try to get a weeks riding in something comes up!  Bummer.

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