Monday, March 26, 2012

Riding up at Ebenezer

I hauled up to Ebenezer Saturday morning to ride with Margaret.  I got up there and my spot was gone!  Someone was in it!  I talked to Loretta and she put me in another spot with no charge!  Yay Loretta.  I called Sunday and got the refund FINALLY on the days I didn't use it - what annoyed me is they re rented it!!

Anyway, I tacked Biscuit up and we decided to find the waterfall from that side of the park which is not far.  We took off down the road and came on some riders that took up the entire road but we passed with no problems.  Biscuit was really tenderfooted today.  We kept going around the road, crossed roads, down trails we recognized and I was stopping to make way points.  I named the way points so that took a little time to do that.

We went down a trail and hit a wonderful canter!  Biscuit was doing great and then my hat flew off and I also saw where my water bottle came off.  Darn!!!!

We were getting close and went down a trail that would have let us make a loop.  We got aways down and Cub bogged down bad and Biscuit said no...Denise said no.  We went back to the road and down to the trail that comes up from the Water Fall.  We went down a little ways and it was too wet.  We decided to not go the other .10 mile but it is marked and we will be going back next time with Kellie and Randy.

We shared chicken fried deer meat and a peanut butter sandwich.  We got off the horses to check hooves and then started back.  Most of the trails were dry as a bone - we crossed some water but not much.  That is amazing considering how much rain they got.

We got back to the trailer and had a coke.  It was a terrific ride and can't wait to go back.

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