Monday, March 26, 2012

Riding Friday with Kellie and Julia

Julia and I hauled to Tyrrell Park last Friday to ride with Kellie.  We rode out to the back and saw a HUGE alligator and hogs!!!  Biscuit and Elan had to consult with each other on whether to proceed toward the hogs!  Shalom was a terrific gal that day. 

It was not a long ride but it was a nice ride.   Lots of wild life everywhere - we saw a raccoon near the bog on the left side. 
Huge Alligator to the right side of the park across the little canal

Suuuu Weeeeeeee  here piggy piggy piggy!!!
We came around the corner and there were the hogs.  Two large ones: one black and one reddish colors.  Then there were 4 smaller ones.  This is near where Julia and I saw them last time.    We watched them for a bit and then moved towards them.  They moved into the woods to the left.

 Biscuit and Elen had to confer with each other on whether it was safe to proceed further.  They kept stopping and looking around.  Shalom would have moved out - she wasn't afraid!

 Biscuit back at the trailer - they were all glad they weren't a French Delicacy for an Alligator!!  Biscuit is shedding out and looking like a cutie patootie.

Elan and Shalom standing by the trailer.  They were all very good today.  Terrific ride and I am ready to go again.

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I love that day